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Every colour in the rainbow

A little part of me wants a set in white, white and white; while the rest of me wants the rainbow…

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In porcelain

Totally digging the acid/citrus colours and the retro patterns, especially the trellis print (below).


In melamine

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Modern mid-century modern

These teapots and matching mugs are just awesome. The ones above are from a kitchen gift shop in Morley, the ones below (turquoise and magenta = squee) are from Spotlight.


Tea For Two or Two Teapots?

They are super cute.


Matching and yet not matching mugs. Swoon.

Leaning towards the first, but still loving the other.

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Want: Agapanthus



Another moment of prettiness in Bunnings, it’s a dark purple Agapanthus (Note to self: I really need to also take a shot of the plant names for future reference).

I’m considering this as one option for the planters around my patio. It might also give medium height (and colour) to my front garden bed with the bamboo…we’ll see.

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Want: Amazing Pots


Pretty Patterned Pot

Although I am (mostly) dedicated to a more atomic retro theme plant pot collection in keeping with the era of my house (also a bit more sustainable, as I am purchasing/freecycling pots from the era: reduce, reuse, recycle people!), I do occasionally get tempted by random moments of beauty.

Like these pots from Bunnings, they are a black-charcoal-grey too, which as you know I am a sucker for:


What’s better than one prettily patterened pot? Two prettily patterned pots of course!

Loving the calligraphic decorations of birds and trees, seems to draw alot from the Indian and Islamic art traditions.

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Now that the G-Plan in place, I need to revist my cushion colour scheme. The dusty grey/blues with occasional pops of very subtle palest pink worked well with the brown/grey tones of the old couch, but the G-Plan is an in your face combination of Emerald Green and Turquoise.

The palest pink cushions have been retired to the bedroom (where they are providing elements of girliness which are not being counter-balanced by my frothy white princess bedspread).

I pulled out some old spotted silk cushion covers I had from days gone by and have been using them to provide pops of electric colour amongst the grey/blue in the living room:

Coloured cushion attack

Coloured cushion attack

…but some of the silk cushions are a little worse for wear.

You might not think it, but it is actually quite hard work to be a cushion on a couch, particuarly when you have been made from a rather fragile fabric that is prone to catching on pretty much everything.

They have lasted over 12/so years (if not a little more), so they have done pretty well. And I won’t be throwing them out, just giving their fragile little fabrics a well needed rest.

So I have been wishlisting cushion covers like the wind, on Etsy.

Current mood is:

  • bold graphic contrast
  • colour-colour-colour
  • hollywood regency trellis prints and graphic patterns (in Navy, Green or Duck Egg Blue).

I don’t think I can have all of those ideas in it at the same time, without breaking the bank and giving visitors to my house a colour-pattern-graphic overdose…but I am almost willing to have a crack.

So far my favourites are:

Aamazing jewel tone lozenge and spot cushions by Wicked Walls:

Wicked Walls Shop: Purple Magenta Green Spot Designer Cushion Cover Pillowcase

Wicked Walls Shop: Purple Magenta Green Spot Designer Cushion Cover Pillowcase

Graphic tree silhouettes also by Wicked Walls:


WickedWalls: Funky Retro Black Gray White Tree Designer Cushion Covers. Pillowcases

Two amazing berry toned cushions made out of Japanese fabric by Mia & Stitch:


Mia & Stitch: Japanese fabric cushion cover in natural background with fuschia circular floral motif

A version in a kelly green Japanese fabric, also by Mia and Stitch:


Mia & Stitch: Japanese fabric cushion cover in natural background with green circular floral motif

A navy trellis pattern cushion made by Modernality2 (bottom left):


Modernality2: Premier Prints Navy Blue Pillow Cover- 14×14 inches- Hidden Zipper Closure- You Choose

A set of scrabble letter cushions by Personalized World:


Personalized World: Set of 4 SCRABBLE LETTER decorative pillow cases cushion covers — READ or choose any 4 letters

I finally decided on “read” but was also considering “play“…

Some multi-toned grey polka dot cushions by Wicked Walls:


Wicked Walls: Funky Retro Spots Cushion Covers Black Grey/Gray Designer. Pillowcases

Clearly some winnowing needs to happen because I will run out of room to keep cushions before I run out of desire to own cushions, but still it’s nice to dream 😉

p.s. I am embarrassed to confess that this is only half of my cushion wish list. At some point I will be doing another Want post on cushions.

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Want: Replica Marcella Sofa

I know, I already have a sofa in my living room, but I really, really love Design Direct’s Replica Marcella Sofa:

Design Direct's Replica Marcella Sofa

Design Direct’s Replica Marcella Sofa

I love it. It comes in Deep Charcoal and a lighter Grey/Brown speckle. It combines all the tufted elements of Florence Knoll sofas (Design Direct sell replica Florence Knoll’s too) with the round bolsters that I absolutely love and a shade of green that I cannot ignore. I love that green.

It’s a replica of a sofa made by Achille & Pier Castiglioni, who also made the original ARCO lamp, a replica of which is hanging next to G-Plan in my currently living room set up.

Best of all: At $1450 this competes with anything you could find at certain Swedish mass market furniture manufacturers.

Design Direct are a Perth-based company selling replica furniture – to all my followers who like mid-century design and who have looked at Eastern States replica suppliers, there is an option in Perth: designdirect.com.au

They do replica Swan Chairs, Womb Chairs, Ball Chairs, Barcelona Chairs, Panton Chairs, DSW Chairs, RAR Chairs, Plank Chairs (and sofas), tables and lighting too – how excellent!!!

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