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My walls are in a bit of a catch-22 at the moment.

Technically, my walls are not in any catch-22 since they are firstly inanimate objects and secondly they are walls and they support things (roofs, plaster, pictures etc), so remaining standing and supporting things are pretty much all they need to do; I am in the catch-22 because of my plans for my walls.

For those of you who don’t know:

A catch22 is a paradoxical situation in which an individual cannot avoid a problem because of contradictory constraints or rules. Often these situations are such that solving one part of a problem only creates another problem, which ultimately leads back to the original problem. Catch-22s often result from rules, regulations, or procedures that an individual is subject to but has no control over. (Thank you wikipedia)

Because I paint quite large canvases and want to be able to switch in and out canvases from rooms (it’s easier than moving the furniture around when you want a change, and it doesn’t scratch the floors so much…and now that I am in my own house, I do worry about these things), I decided I wouldn’t put any pictures, paintings or photographs on my walls until I had installed a gallery hanging system.

Gallery hanging systems are ideal for what I want to do, as they are basically a concealed track where you can slip hooks in or out as required, sort of like the modern, more subtle equivalent of picture rails you see in federation houses.


Why don’t I just install picture rails? Nice as they are, they are quite instrusive to the design of the room. They become a feature element, while I want something that doesn’t draw attention to itself or detract from the artwork, walls and cornices. Plus my house is a very different style to houses which could have feature rails and my ceilings aren’t tall enough to make them look anything but a slightly self-concious and unnecessary addendum. And I absolutely loathe it when people try to traditional-ify a modern era house (reproduction federation houses and villas so prevalent in the 80s and 80s are the devil).

Back on track

So, I decided on a gallery hanging system – the wall locator FX Hanging System in silver, to sit right below my cornices in the lounge room, bedroom, hallway, office and studio:

Hanging around

I could paint the system so it is even less obtrusive but I like the idea of an industrial silver band immediately below my cornices.

At a rough estimate, I  will need about 10 x of the 3m straps and 4 x of the 2m straps; plus hooks. So ~ $500.00 plus all the hooks I need. On the positive side, I don’t need to buy it all at once, I can purchase it room by room (or wall by wall); but until I do my paintings are sitting on the floor, propped against the walls.

This isn’t great for the paintings, they may get scuffed and can fall over; so it also means that I won’t finish and varnish any of them until I can hang them as I will have to do minor repairs on them. Hence the catch-22, because it would be nice to varnish and finish some of my work and say “Done, never touching it again”.

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Want? Knitted pouf

While I am actually gunning for a plainer knitted pouf and have been dropping copious hints to my little sister and two of my friends who knit (I have even found free patterns FREE. PATTERNS; to help with this), I may have to change the scope of my hints as of today.

Because who doesn’t want a knitted pouf in the shape of the highest mountain in Sweden?

Image from Designsponge

It’s an awesome use of the winter/ski knit style and I love it. I love it to death right now.

Of course, I do still love puff daddy:

Image from pickles (where there are patterns, y'all. patterns)

And puff daddy will go with my decor plus I think he will be slightly easier to knit. But: Swedish mountain pouf!

Wait…there is nothing to stop me having two poufs in my life, is there now?

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Want? Great gatsby

Call me a crazy fool F Scott Fitzgerald fan but I ❤ the Gatsby bed side table by Laura Ashley:

Let me reflect on your desires...

Apart from the utterly cool name, I love how its mirrored art nouveau-esque elegance channels the Hollywood Regency feel.

I have a dream of getting out of my bed and slipping my feet into marabou slippers and swanning around my house like a movie star in the 40’s. Probably with a long cigarette holder in my hand and a scotch on the rocks in the other.

Naturally my lifestyle channels more non-smoking, scotch-disliking, Perth Mortage Owner and, as such, does not enable me to fulfil this dream.

But at least if I had Gatsby in my life, Gatsby could help my bedroom look like my Hollywood Regency dream, even if it’s a lifestyle I could/would never live.

Of course, like tequila shots, you can’t have just one Gatsby. I’d need two (one for each side of my bed, naturellement). And with a price tag of ~$1095 each…they are a little outside my budget.

Trust me to fall in ❤ with the economically unavailable option rather than a cheapo set of Balinese derivative tables. I love  Gatsby’s base and elegant handles and it’s amazing 3 drawer storage capacity. <3<3 <3<3 <3<3<3

For the moment, ikea’s Benjamin stool is acting as my bedside table. Even if they don’t have drawers to hide all my bedside accoutrements away, at $29.95 they are in my price range. And they can be co-opted as seating when I need to seat six at my dining table.

What I am seriously considering…

Having committed to the idea of (eventually) owning Gatsby (when I could afford it), I wasn’t looking to fall for another type of mirrored bedside tables. Gatsby had my heart.

But I did start having some qualms – notwithstanding my budgettary constraints, mirrored tables will get dusty. Especially in a house with two mostly indoor cats.

I can deal with that (by dusting regularly), but there is also the brightness of the mirror – it’s just a normal mirror surface so Gatsby will be very reflective. And, with sun, quite bright. Possibly too bright and reflective?

Who needs to wake up to something incredibly bright and reflective every morning? Chirpy, cheery brightness and reflectiveness is best after a cup of tea, an application of Sunglasses and a clock whose arms point to at least 10.30am.

Fortunately an impromtu visit to Domain Gallery means I can now see a way clear to resolving these problems.

Domain Gallery do elegant mirrored bedside tables, much the same as Gatsby (Plain lines, no stupid crystal drawer pulls) for the meagre price of ~$490 each.

Plus they also do a range in a darker nickel-like mirror! I will still have to dust, but I won’t have to be confronted by cheery chirpy brightness and reflection every morning.

Great F Scott Fitzgerald, I may have found a new love!

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Want? Royal Master Sealight

How do I love thee, let me turn a lamp on so I can see my fingers to count the ways...

I love this Royal Master Sealight lamp but it is sadly a love of Capulet and Montague proportions. It is from Mars, I am stuck on Venus.

I am occasionally tempted by Hitchcock, but for the most part my unrequited adoration doesn’t waiver from the R.M.S. At $1525 USD, sadly this is a love that will always be…unrequited.

You can find restored original theatre lamps on ebay, however they are mostly based in the UK and the lighting may need amendment. (I would share the seller with you, but sadly I cannot find the bookmark :\)

With shipping + the cost of the lamp, these beauteous pieces of hardware are still somewhat costly.

Worth it. But costly.

I am currently ameliorating the unrequited <3s with thoughts of a nice mid century arc lamp. Or suitable replica.

However, if I can’t shake that film light feeling…

Will consider settling for…

Darlin leave a light on for me, I'll be there before you close the door to...read a book in light that doesn't ruin my eyesight

At 1/10 of the price of the R.M.S. this recollections lamp is worth considering…

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Want? Postcard that turns into a garden

It’s a postcard, it’s a garden. It’s a postcarden.

Wish you were here?

I already have an indoor planter that I don’t use (I tried herbs in it but found the house was too dark). I have relocated my current ununsed indoor garden to beside the front door, because that’s where it will go and because it will remind me I need to buy a peace lily for it.

It silently calls out “peace lily, peace lily” at my shoes whenever I walk out the door. For a silent call from an inanimate object, it’s actually quite loud.

So I don’t need another indoor planter, but I want it.

It’s probably a good thing I don’t win lotto, because otherwise my house would be filled to the brim with shtuff that I don’t actually need but which seemed like an incredibly good idea at the time.

On the plus side, winning lotto might actually mean I could have my spiral wine cellar. The downside is that I would be using the spiral wine cellar to store rugs and planters and postcardens and…other stuff that was really important to own at the time and which I may use again so can’t bear to throw away.

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Want? Union Jack

This is just the bomb

Vivienne Westwoods destroyed Union Jack rug for the Rug Company. It’s beautiful, so very beautiful.

What is not to ❤

Will likely have to settle for…

Laura Ashley’s Britannia cushion in “fresh tones of duck egg and eau de nil”

Still pretty, not quite as hefty on the wallet

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