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Like the moment you realise the free bag you picked, to hold some free Vogue magazines you were given, matches your clutch.

Random prettiness

Random prettiness

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on my housie progress, firstly I didn’t have much to say (I don’t tend to do a lot in the super hot months of January and February), then I got busy studying…now I’m on holidays and trying to catch up on the last 6 months of my life because pretty much everything went on hold while I studied.

One thing that did happen in my blogging downtime was my bed broke…and the new bed I purchased took about 3 months to arrive (it was supposed to take 1.5-2 months).

I can’t tell you that sleeping on a mattress on the floor was fun, it wasn’t. I did it for a prolonged period of time in my 20s, which is  an acceptable age to undertake such activities. However sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a prolonged period of time in your 30s is just not cool. Getting up off the floor every morning = ARGH: so many pains, so much stiffness, so much feeling like a nanna.

To console myself at loss of bed and 6-8 week wait, I may have purchased a(nother) new Sheridan bedspread from Myer (on sale, 40%off, BARGAIN) in a beautiful blue paint drips and splotches pattern: very me.


The Ginger Menace inspects the new height distribution of the bed and the new bedspread (note the Rachel Khoo cookbook artfully placed on the bedspread? Not actually deliberate)

Interestingly, both myself and Le Amazant Monsieur H and The Divine Miss K own the same make of bed, purchased around the same time from the same store. Theirs broke about a week before mine did: clearly there was a time limit on this model.


Project Manager Menace undertakes QA testing of new bedspread

Luckily I had a heap of plastic crates filled with boots and handbags underneath the bed, so it didn’t fall very far and everyone escaped serious injury.

Note to all gentlemen: this is why the ladies have so many handbags and boots, which they store in crates underneath their beds: to prevent serious injury in case of bed breakage. Totally a preventive OH&S thing.


Project Manager Menace completes acceptance testing of new bedspread and bed at new height.

Finally my new bed arrived (minus the delivery fee because of the delay), after 11 weeks of waiting. It’s a pretty basic model: 4 stained pine legs with a base covered in black linen-look cloth. I plan to make a bed head at some point, but it will do as is for now. I also purchased a new mattress, so it’s all brand, brand new.


Back to sleeping at adult height, sans cats.

As for my old bed? It was sad to see it go, end of an era and all. But it’s going to live on elsewhere as I’m donating the frame and the slats to The Garden Goddess who wants to use them as climbing support for beans and to make totem poles out of the slats. When they are installed I will see if she will let me share a few pics of its new form in situ 🙂


Bye Bye Beddy

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I’ve been working out the front today:

  • Weeding the front garden bed
  • Pouring boiling water on the weeds in the paving
  • Tying up the broad beans
  • Pruning the harbingera so it doesn’t throttle the bamboo and training the remnants to cover the rest of the fence

There were a couple of offcuts from my pruning, so I created a table decoration with it:


Bananas from IGA, lemons from my back garden, fruit bowls from Target and metal jug from a thift shop with hardingera from the front garden


Taking it from the top


A different perspective

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Table set for a night with the girls

Two punnets of watercress planted into some matching celadon coloured glazed pots that I had hanging about, makes a cheap functional centrepiece for dinner with the gals.

Functional and aesthetically pleasing

By day the two pots of watercress live in a deep saucer which is always topped up with water – keeping them lush, healthy and incredibly abundant. By night they get put into the matching celadon coloured saucers and dragged inside to be a simple centrepiece when entertaining:

Form and function, the best combination

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Want? Knitted pouf

While I am actually gunning for a plainer knitted pouf and have been dropping copious hints to my little sister and two of my friends who knit (I have even found free patterns FREE. PATTERNS; to help with this), I may have to change the scope of my hints as of today.

Because who doesn’t want a knitted pouf in the shape of the highest mountain in Sweden?

Image from Designsponge

It’s an awesome use of the winter/ski knit style and I love it. I love it to death right now.

Of course, I do still love puff daddy:

Image from pickles (where there are patterns, y'all. patterns)

And puff daddy will go with my decor plus I think he will be slightly easier to knit. But: Swedish mountain pouf!

Wait…there is nothing to stop me having two poufs in my life, is there now?

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A peaceful corner

I was given a beautiful present by two of my booooos. It’s a lovely brass bhuddist statue and they bought with them all the way back from Bali. If that statue could talk, it would have some tales to tell, methinks.

In the meantime, it is hanging with the peace lily and giving my hallway a certain je ne sais calme:

Peacefulness only lasts so long, but it sure is nice while it lasts

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I’ve managed to tick another thing to do off my list of things to do. Or should I say, off one of my lists of things to do? Because there are many. And they change. And multiply. And get longer. My things to do lists are more prolific than the breadth of lists created by John Cusack in Hi Fidelity.

I managed to get not one, but two peace lilies to fill the planter in my hallway – the one that has been screaming “Peace Lily” at my shoes every time I walk out the door:

The ravening planter beast is satiated for now...

Finally, the herb planter I had to have when I moved in has come in handy by containing something that loves and flourishes in the dim, grey comfort that is casa moi (other than my feline overlords and shoe collection, that is).

The herbs I attempted to grow in the planter had…limited….success when I perched it on the the dining alcove window indoors.  And, although it would get more light, I couldn’t have it on the kitchen window sill as it was just too messy and a little bit of my aesthetic soul got eaten away every time I did the washing up and had to look at the window sill (the sink being immediately below it).

(You’ll be pleased to know I managed to rehouse the herbs in the laundry trough out the back, where they are flourishing and the sight of them does not eat any part of my aesthetic soul away and they have contributed on numerous occasions to dinner. All of which is great news.)

Known as the supermodel of the indoor plant scene, Peace Lily was used to unwanted plantarazzi attention

I was briefly tempted by a pink/green variation of the peace lily, but in the end decided that was too much commitment to a specific (girly) colour. Given, I’ll be switching paintings in and out of the hallway I really need something plain, pure and neutral. And to me, green and white is neutral.

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Golly – it’s been almost a month since I last posted. Time flies when you’re having fun (doing things like planting trees, assisting le amazant Monsieur H fix one’s reticulation, collecting prints as part of Windows on William, catching up with the Coffee Fairy on her brief stop over between London and Melbourne or preparing a 3 course meal to celebrate DIY Dad’s birthday).

It’s not like I haven’t been doing housie things. I’ve even been photographing them in preparation of documenting my efforts (and those of my elite team of helpers). I just haven’t found the time to sit at the computer and tell you about my adventures.

Until now…that is.

Le fleur à l'oignon by any other name would be an onion flower

The first thing I have to keep you posted (aaah – blogger pun there. the first person to get it can sigh in exasperation at my joy for pun-ishment), is about a home-made Sunday project that has been a while in development.

It all has to do with some sprouting onions that I planted in my garden. They are happily growing and about 2 months ago several of them decided to bud in preparation for flowering.

Now according to my vegetable book, one is to prune any onion flowers. It’s near impossible to propogate them by seed, so there’s no need to attempt to save the seeds. But the buds are quite striking – these big spikes of stem with a tear drop shaped bud on the top.

Initially they just provided a certain minimalist space age abstract je ne sais quoi to my dining table:

Reflections on the aethetics of bottles of lemon leaf water, lemon branches and onion flowers

And then, about a month later of changing their water regularly (weekly) and ensuring a tea spoon of sugar was added to the aforesaid water, they started to bloom:

Knock knock. Who's there? A blooming marvellous surprise.

Very very pretty:

Flash portrait

The flowers slowly unfurled, one at a time:


And unfurled:

Still striking

And unfurled:

Still striking

I am beginning to think that onion flowers are the supermodel of the vase. They look great at any age (Elle, Christy, Cindy anyone?), they only get better with age…in fact the only difference appears to be availability and price tag.

All this beauty from something I had to prune anyway, bargain!

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Imbued with the optimism and enthusiasm that only a combination of Spring and a sunny 3 day weekend can bring, I decided to organise and host an impromptu harvest dinner @ casa moi.

This seemed a good way to celebrate the fruitfulness (and vegetableness) of the garden, paying tribute to the plants who made it and whose reward was to be eaten as well as those that didn’t.

Preparing to propitiate the harvest gods and the ghosts of vegetables gone by

Harvest Decoration

I pruned some branches from my lemon tree and used them and their fruits, leaves and flowers for decoration.

Fruit, flowers, in paint they multiply the talents of your hand and eye. And in their still life unite vanished and present life. - Gwen Harwood, Nightfall

Humble as they may seem, the branches actually fulfilled a 3 fold purpose:

  • I need to properly prune aforesaid tree as it is suffering the effects of some historical bad pruning, and
  • I can use the branches, flowers, fruits and leaves to fulfil a couple of home-made Sunday projects, and
  • In the meantime, I can use the branches, flowers, fruits and leaves as decoration

I read that as win-win-win all around.

Tribute to those who have gone before...


Each item on the menu had to involve something from my garden, so we had:

  • Roast free range chicken flavoured with thyme (from my garden)
  • Italian tomato and oregano salad (using oregano from my garden)
  • Green Mixed lettuce salad (using lettuce leaves from my garden)
  • Flatbread Bianca, using olive oil pastry (from a home made Sunday project) and rosemary (from my garden)

At dessert, I hit a wall as until I plant my tammarillo trees (more about that in later posts) my garden is predominantly savoury. So I decided to harvest some of the contents of my liquor cabinet and use them to infuse dessert which was:

  • Strawberries, halved and sprinkled with caster sugar and left to marinate in cointreau, strawberry liqueur and pomegranete juice. Served with dollops of thick cream and icecream. Delish.

Beverages were white wines brought by attendees and red ginger fizz, using my best friend that I have never met, Nigella. I have posted the video of her making this deluxe non-alcoholic drink elsewhere, so will dig it out and add to this post later.


Several distinguished personages were invited, although tragically some were quarantined with the dreaded spring flu, others by the menace of impending assignments…and others by alternative commitments.

It is worth noting that the following biographies bear only a vague and fleeting resemblance to reality – if reality were viewed in a wonky mirror and then dictated to someone using a string and tin can telephone to be written down by a phantom stenographer whose mind is most definitely elsewhere.

Now that we have cleared that up, personages in attendence were:

  • Mad Dawg Lowenthal: Mild mannered administrator by day, MDL becomes a harley riding, king of kitsch and experimental chef by night. He combines foods, liquors and gastronomic experiences – bringing the ‘tude that only a (not so) old punk rocker could.  He also holds the title of Moonshine King of the Southern Western part of the Southern Hemisphere. In this guise he has added a certain “je ne sais qoi” by only distilling the finest of liqueurs…like limoncello.
  • Countess Von Noodlestein: A (sometimes) refined patron of the cinematic arts, the countess combines an appreciation of moofies with a desire to personally catalogue and archive every single bad movie that was ever produced and will ever be produced under the Sun. An Eva Peron like figure, the Countess’s Salons de Moofies nights are internationally reknowned for their crimes against cinemanity and go to show that crime has never been so much fun.
  • Imelda Ballerina: mentioned elsewhere in this blog, under another pseudonym, the stylishly clothed Imelda’s talents are many and manifest. Those in the very best of the best inner circles, speak of her talent and ability to whip up the most deluxe and delicious of desserts; others are in awe at the amount of commitments and activities that she manages to fit in a 7 day week (it is possible that she may have a touch of the Timelord about her); while the sides of her wardrobe(s) are in awe (and fear) at her ability to collect articles of apparel and to store them in such a limited space.

And then, of course, there was me. Not so humble blog writer and home owner. You know enough about me already,  I think 😉

The results…

Not to shabby, if I do say so myself:

Harvestfest 2010 - bon appetit!

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Want? Royal Master Sealight

How do I love thee, let me turn a lamp on so I can see my fingers to count the ways...

I love this Royal Master Sealight lamp but it is sadly a love of Capulet and Montague proportions. It is from Mars, I am stuck on Venus.

I am occasionally tempted by Hitchcock, but for the most part my unrequited adoration doesn’t waiver from the R.M.S. At $1525 USD, sadly this is a love that will always be…unrequited.

You can find restored original theatre lamps on ebay, however they are mostly based in the UK and the lighting may need amendment. (I would share the seller with you, but sadly I cannot find the bookmark :\)

With shipping + the cost of the lamp, these beauteous pieces of hardware are still somewhat costly.

Worth it. But costly.

I am currently ameliorating the unrequited <3s with thoughts of a nice mid century arc lamp. Or suitable replica.

However, if I can’t shake that film light feeling…

Will consider settling for…

Darlin leave a light on for me, I'll be there before you close the door to...read a book in light that doesn't ruin my eyesight

At 1/10 of the price of the R.M.S. this recollections lamp is worth considering…

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