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…with bonus “spot the difference” puzzles.

With the a.n.t. problem in Dianella, I’ve decided having my bed up against the window sill sans headboard is a no go because I really don’t like finding the occasional stray ant on my pillows. This may seem unreasonable to you, but that is just how it is in my house. (Plus it’s SUPER cold in winter.)

This bit didn’t change much.

So the first night of my 2017 Xmas leave was spent rearranging my bedroom from this, to this:

Puzzle 1…

Can you spot the difference between ^ that pic, and this one:

Puzzle #2: it’s very subtle, I know.

Obviously, the perspective is slightly difference…but there might be something else:

Distance can sometimes help…

Do you need a hint?


Now that I have the bed against the wall, I’ve started thinking about my perfect headboard again #sigh.

A headboard is #commitment


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Tables Be(d)side Themselves

Last time I showed you my bedroom, it was April last year and it looked like this:
You could sneak peeks of it when I showed you some vignettes of indoor plants around my house, but what I failed to mention is I was in need of a couple of bedside tables. While I did like the layout with one of Poppa’s antique chinese tables to the right, they are small and are made for storing a sherry glass while you watch TV, not piles of books or an indoor plant.

Plus the drawers to the left of the bed, although I still love and need them, are too wide for that side of the room: they were making getting into that side of my wardrobe a bit painful.

So I have been tossing up bedside table options since mid-2015, looking on Gumtree and evaluating what’s available. But although I could find nice options, occasionally, they weren’t “my” bedside tables.

Serendipitously, my aunt was cleaning out her house (I lived there for a while before I bought casa moi). The house, although in a beautiful location, was in such bad condition it needed to be demolished.

[Segue: To do that, meant going through a lifetimes worth of furniture, and belongings: hers, her son’s (my cousin), my other aunts, mine (I’d left some things there) and her parents (my grandparents: DIY Dad’s mum and Dad). My aunt being energetic and capable was trying to do it all herself, but on very hot days, with a tight timeline. So DIY Dad offered his help and so did I: it was the last week of my holidays so I had some time up my sleeve to tap into. We spent a day helping her cart things down, getting covered in dust, and seeing what she wanted to keep: but there was a lot – and she had to make decisions. It is pretty overwhelming to go through a life…in a finite amount of time, and with only a finite set of storage options available.]

One of the things we looked at were some small bedside tables that were living inside her wardrobe (a majestic built in made by my uncle, technically former uncle as they divorced many years ago). He is an amazing carpenter and woodworker: so many things around the house had been made by him.

They – along with many other things that had no home to go to – were going to be put into a skip bin for collection (this council doesn’t do kerbside collections anymore which is a shame), but I asked if I could have them. So I got them!

These are “my” bedside tables: teak veneer, and even though it’s a more modern teak veneer closely matching in colour to my teak veneer Hans Borg wardrobe, with a sleek almost mid-century vibe to them: he would have made these in the 80’s I think.


Looking mighty fine, weighed down by books and indoor plants…being closely supervised – in case of any untrustworthiness – by the Ginger Menace.

They really fit the room, and you can see 1 of Poppa’s antique chinese tables (I have a matched pair from Poppa) holding up a canvas in the foreground. You can also see a black leather overnight suitcase given to my by my Grandma (mother’s side): she used that for overnight visits when she was younger (it’s an amazing case, but I think she was more streamlined about packing than I am…I can fit my toiletries into it, but that’s about all).

As I was going through my drawers to store things in my bedsides, I got some assistance from the Ginger Menace.


QA check #1 done.

With mysterious new territory available for exploration, and the opportunity to put cat hair on clothes previously inaccessible: he had to get in on the action:


Slightly disappointed he did not find Narnia in the drawers, he’s heard rumours of a magical place…

Meanwhile, the two larger sets of drawers were moved to the foot of the bed. It took a couple more weeks before I could go through them and sort out the objets and tchotchkes on the top of those drawers: I had to resort my costume jewellery collection and redistribute items, but at that point I also still had a bunch of stuff (including silver to clean) from DIY Dad’s and my aunts.


Ginger Menace senses a disturbance in the force…or a rearrangement of the room: one of the two.


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A very mid-century vignette

So it hasn’t been all pruning, guttering, sorting and clearing on my hols, I have taken some time to do some “pretty” things too. I finally found a couple of Alocasia plants (classic mid-century indoor plants that have had a bit of a revival) as well as a split leaf Philodendron (or as we call them: Monstera Deliciosa) plus I layered some String of Pearls plant that The Coffee Fairy gave me several years ago and repotted my Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily) into indoor pots and bought a different variety Spathiphyllum to mix it up.

So now I have a couple of indoor vignettes that are making me happy, like the Alocasia on my bedside table (the Phaelonopsis Orchid stopped blossoming as it’s winter and has been relocated, as you will see):


Sexy bedside table…

The pebbles to the right of the Alocasia were gathered on the beach of Port Lligat in Spain (where Salvador Dali lived most of his life), those on the left were from other holidays during the years: Queensland, Brighton Beach (UK)…

I played around taking pics of the String of Pearls plant, vessel, shell (have had that for about 30 years) and Great Aunt Eileen’s Ginger Jar on the window sill:


Whited out.


Less saturated with light

The Phaelonopsis Orchid is hanging next to the fireplace with the Monstera Deliciosa:


Very Retro

The stones in front of the plants were picked up off the beach at Figueres, in Spain. They are actually bricks that have been worn down by the sea: tumbled around and worn away by the waves and the tides, and beautiful because of that.

Over in the dining alcove, there’s another String of Pearls plant and one of the repotted Peace Lilies:


Just hanging out…

They balance out the ceramic white apples I found on sale (still on the white ceramics kick):



And there’s another Alocasia by the door, it’s hanging with the brass statue two of my besties bought me back from Bali (I haven’t mentioned them before, we’ll call them The Writer and the Jedi Knight), and the fancy turquoise mosquito coil holder I bought over summer:


Not one but TWO Alocasia in da house…so happy right now.

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Gotta love a good phaleonopsis orchid

Having changed up my loungeroom with white ceramic vases, I wanted to do something similar to accessorise the new bedroom layout. So I went on the hunt for more large white or cream ceramic vases, and found a really nice pair of vessels at Freedom:


VESSELS not vases

Freedom are doing some lovely mid-century modern inspired vessels with the rough glazing, mix of gloss and matte glazes and the acidic and muddy colours that are eponymous of the 50s-70s. While I was tempted, I settled on the creamy-white Charade Vessels: they have a geometric imprint pattern but the glazing is more contemporary.

One is sitting on my window sill, with a branch pruned from my blood orange tree currently drying in it:


MCM-style vase on the window sill

The larger one is sitting on my chest of drawers. I also treated myself to a Phaleonopsis orchid for my bedroom:


Large MCM vase on the drawers come nightstand

I’m currently toying with the idea of getting a second orchid and putting it in the vessel on my drawers…

The little vessel adds a point of lightness and interest to the corner of my bedroom behind my chair and puff daddy:


MCM vase, chair and big daddy pouf (knitted by soon-to-be big mommy sister)

You might not be able to see it, but to the left of the vessel is a little dark-blue glazed ginger jar that came from my great-aunt Eileen’s house in Tamworth (the same great-aunt whose sideboard I use as my liquor cabinet).

Everything looks so calming and nice by lamplight:


Lit by lamplight

And also with the overhead lights on too…


With the overhead lights on…

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When I posted about my love of puffdaddy (the knitted footstool, not the every-changingly named musician), my sister said she would make one for my birthday.

Two years later and I collected my belated birthday present during my travels overseas. I then had to post it to myself to get it back to Australia and, after much messing around with the parcels arm of the Royal Mail…it arrived.


The only PDiddy worth knowing

I stuffed it with a spare quilt (that’s why it’s not quite circular) and have popped it in front of the armchair in my room. It looks amazing:


Yes this is pretty much the same shot as above, just in portrait instead of landscape…

It goes really well with my room, and looks gorgeously moody at night:


Moody greys


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So I managed to buy a new wardrobe unintentionally and quite by accident. I guess that’s what happens when you keep searching gumtree for wardrobes long after the time of your original wardrobe purchase has gone…


Hello you sexy thing

Technically, this wasn’t as spur-of-the-moment as I am making this sound.

For reals.

The original wardrobe was starting to die: it was a chipboard laminate and the chipboard was starting to disintegrate, plus the doors where starting to come off (in spite of continual mending).

So I was actually thinking about a new wardrobe (for reals) when I saw this sexy beast on gumtree. And I’d been thinking about a new wardrobe for a while. And this particular wardrobe is the style I originally wanted but couldn’t find at a price I could afford when I first started looking for a wardrobe. How convenient.

This beastie is an original teak veneer (actual teak) wardrobe made in the 1950s in Ashield/Bassendean by a guy called Hans Borg. He’s the king of sexy mid-century teak in Perth.

It was being sold at an incredibly cheap price by a lovely couple (Rod and Margaret) who purchased it new. It’s well travelled: it’s been to the other side of Australia and back (I do like a worldly wardrobe). And it had been in 4 of their houses, but they were downsizing so they had to let go of it. You could tell they loved it, Margaret gave me a can of Scandinavian teak oil and the soaps she used to scent clothes in it.

(I was a little upset I couldn’t take Rod and Margaret to live with me along with the wardrobe.)

New wardrobe is about 20cm longer and 20cm higher than old wardrobe, plus it doesn’t come apart vertically, so this meant a re-jig of the room layout because – although easy to take apart and transport (even on 40°C days) – once in: it was not going to move.

The old wardrobe went on the wall nearest the door (to the right of the bed in the photo below) but the new wardrobe would have eaten into the window alcove. So I had to put it on the wall where my bed was previously. I now have 3 walls I can put my bed on, for the moment it’s below the window while I consider the layout of the room.


New alignment

After some mods to ensure the 1950s era metal rails could support the weight of my clothes, we were good to go:


DIY Middle Support For Railing (green tape is for marking where to screw it)


So I may have a few dresses…but I love them a.l.l.

Last photo is a daylight photo of the Ginger Menace inspecting the room (before I cleaned all the marks of the mirror):


Photobombed by a master.


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It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on my housie progress, firstly I didn’t have much to say (I don’t tend to do a lot in the super hot months of January and February), then I got busy studying…now I’m on holidays and trying to catch up on the last 6 months of my life because pretty much everything went on hold while I studied.

One thing that did happen in my blogging downtime was my bed broke…and the new bed I purchased took about 3 months to arrive (it was supposed to take 1.5-2 months).

I can’t tell you that sleeping on a mattress on the floor was fun, it wasn’t. I did it for a prolonged period of time in my 20s, which is  an acceptable age to undertake such activities. However sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a prolonged period of time in your 30s is just not cool. Getting up off the floor every morning = ARGH: so many pains, so much stiffness, so much feeling like a nanna.

To console myself at loss of bed and 6-8 week wait, I may have purchased a(nother) new Sheridan bedspread from Myer (on sale, 40%off, BARGAIN) in a beautiful blue paint drips and splotches pattern: very me.


The Ginger Menace inspects the new height distribution of the bed and the new bedspread (note the Rachel Khoo cookbook artfully placed on the bedspread? Not actually deliberate)

Interestingly, both myself and Le Amazant Monsieur H and The Divine Miss K own the same make of bed, purchased around the same time from the same store. Theirs broke about a week before mine did: clearly there was a time limit on this model.


Project Manager Menace undertakes QA testing of new bedspread

Luckily I had a heap of plastic crates filled with boots and handbags underneath the bed, so it didn’t fall very far and everyone escaped serious injury.

Note to all gentlemen: this is why the ladies have so many handbags and boots, which they store in crates underneath their beds: to prevent serious injury in case of bed breakage. Totally a preventive OH&S thing.


Project Manager Menace completes acceptance testing of new bedspread and bed at new height.

Finally my new bed arrived (minus the delivery fee because of the delay), after 11 weeks of waiting. It’s a pretty basic model: 4 stained pine legs with a base covered in black linen-look cloth. I plan to make a bed head at some point, but it will do as is for now. I also purchased a new mattress, so it’s all brand, brand new.


Back to sleeping at adult height, sans cats.

As for my old bed? It was sad to see it go, end of an era and all. But it’s going to live on elsewhere as I’m donating the frame and the slats to The Garden Goddess who wants to use them as climbing support for beans and to make totem poles out of the slats. When they are installed I will see if she will let me share a few pics of its new form in situ 🙂


Bye Bye Beddy

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