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Make some icecubes to jzuzz your next glass of water or cocktail!

Hey good lookin' how you doin'?

This is a great Home-made Sunday project. All you need is:

  • Mint planted somewhere in your garden
  • Ice cube tray(s)
  • Water
  • Freezer space

Cut back mint (it always needs a bit of a prune because it is a little garden monster) and reserve sprigs you have pruned.

Wash them well and then strip the leaves from the sprigs – the stems can go into your compost bin.

Put 1 or 2 or 3 leaves into each section of your icecube tray. Fill with water and freeze. Et voila:

Goodness gracious great cubes of mint!


  • Two mintox icecubes in a glass, with a dash of Schweppes lime cordialĀ  and water is very nice
  • Make a K.H.A.N – it’s a cocktail invented by myself, the Amazant Monsieur H and the Divine Miss K and involves throwing:
    • Two minotx icecubes into a lowball tumbler, followed by
    • A shot of sour apple, and
    • Topped with Lemonade/Sprite

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