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The Expedit-ion is complete


The Before

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll be aware I have a thing for Ikea’s Expedit. So when Ikea announced they were discontinuing their Expedit, replacing it with the Kallax, there was trepidation in my heart. While Ikea have very worthy reasons for discontinuing the Expedit:

  • By reducing the thickness of the expedit surrounds, Ikea can save a significant amount of wood for each product
  • Ikea currently use 1% of the world’s wood supply
  • Reducing wood consumption at the mass numbers of consumption (17.8 million cubic yards of wood per year) and sale (how many expedits do you think they have sold? Bucketloads)

The trepidation I felt was a result of the fact that I have expedits in my living room, studio and office …and I needed to get one more expedit to complete my Expedit storage solution 😮 Just one more and the office would be done.

Naturally, when faced with an impending deadline I procrastinated like a champion. When I did get around to purchasing the last 2×4 I needed, they were only available online and the delivery cost was as much as the expedit itself. Pshaw!

So I decided to put my semi-professional Gumtree skills to the test and pounce on a likely candidate when it came up for sale…

But as it turns out, although my Gumtree skills are Olympic level, that wasn’t needed 😀  Several months after the Expedits had finally sold out online, I accompanied The Amazant Monsieur H on a Billy purchasing adventure (what I am to Ikea’s Expedits, he is to Ikea’s Billys) and I walked past a pile of 2×4 expedits in the required black-brown to finish my office, on sale.

So for $69 (instead of ~$120), and for no delivery fee: I got a brand new expedit and completed the office storage 😀


The After


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Having waved my magic rose glass over my living room, it was time to send out for another bottle of wine and start on the study/office.

At the risk of seeming incredibly whiny (and repeating myself), the study/office looked like it was on the receiving end of an explosion in a junk factory:

Poor poor me. Poor me.

And by “junk” factory, I do not mean a factory making the amazing boats one sees in exotic postcards….although that could have been more fun.

Now, as anyone who has tidied up a room like the above knows (and to mis-quote Jane Austen to my purpose):

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that in order to clean up a messy room, one must first make it a little (or a lot) messier.

The first stage of the process, is to move everything needing  organising over to a designated side – in order to have a small amount of space available to put the tidied items:

Piles of shit needing to be sorted to your left, brand spanking new expedit to your right

This may mean that some of your boxes of shit items to be organised have to be temporarily housed in other areas of your home. The key here is the word “temporarily”:

Revisiting "The Great Escape", box style. Box already in studio is playing Steve McQueen's part.

In the thick of the action, it is easy to lose sight of the goal…or to lose the energy, time and dedication to the cause of home organisation; so I suggest you say this with me: temporarily, temporarily, temporarily, temporarily.

And remember, grasshopper, the way gets harder just before its end.

And end it will:

So much empty space, so much room to move...I am not sure I can take it all in!

Although the end point may only be a stopping point along the road, a resting place until you can afford more storage furniture, it should still be celebrated for what it is:

A glorious end.

And what a glorious punctuation mark it is 😉

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Last weekend I finally cacked and gave into my urge to purchase more expedits from that great home of not-necessarily-sustainable-but-certainly-very-affordable furniture that is ikea.

I still had boxes of books for the living area, including all my recipe books, plus the office/study hadn’t improved from this:

First we take over this side of the study, then we take over the rest of the house

I had a small metre to wheel my chair about in, with the rest of my study taken up with boxes, stuff to sell on ebay, business records, texts and more. There was even a croquet  set in there somewhere (now banished to the garage).

And if I listened closely, I could hear a slight shuffling as the boxes and crates surreptitiously moved away fromt he walls they rested against, to make that small metre to wheel my chair about in even smaller.

Enough was enough, I finally couldn’t take it anymore…and so I convinced DIY Dad to come on an adventure to ikea and collect 2 of the 4×4 and 1 of the 2×4 expedits (no need to ask colours, I am a black-brown expedit girl now).

DIY Dad and I put them together on Valentine’s Day – when I say we put them together, I was in charge of prep and instructions; DIY Dad was in charge of DIY Skill, heavy lifting and expedit component manipulations:

DIY Dad looking a little Rembrandt/old Master-ish

He wore his best psychedelic Crosby, Stills and Nash t-shirt for the occasion:

You dressed up for the occasion, how ?wonderful?

It was a 37°c day, we had the aircon blasting out as we assembled the expedits, moved the furniture around and positioned them (another excuse for DIY Dad to whip out his level):

"Stand straight or else!!!" - DIY Dad levels with the expedits

So I spent my single gal Valentine’s eve sipping rose and sorting out my living room storage:

Humble beginnings (NB blurriness not actually due to rose, in spite of what you are thinking)

Which has to be one of the most productive, empowering and best Valentine Day pursuits for the single gal:

Call me a sceptic, but I am not convinced roses and chocolates can make as much positive difference to one's life as some seriously good storage

This amazing new capacity for storage started a chain reaction enabling me to rationalise my slightly overstocked other expedits, get my CD and DVD collections off the floor (and into the expedits) and enabled me to re-organise my stereo and sub-woofer set up (including cunning hiding of cables behind books). Rock on!!!!!

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An expeddiction?

How to tell if you have an expeddiction:

  1. You create an expedit tag for your blog
  2. Every major room in your house (living, studio, office) either has or will have an expedit
  3. (With some rooms to have more than one expedit storage option/area)
  4. You considered getting two 2×2 expedits and a trestle top as your desk for your office/study, but decided against it only because the freedom desk was cheaper and maybe there can be too much of a good thing (…just maybe…)
  5. Your dad tries to talk you down to a 4×2 and a 2×2 option for extra storage in your living room area, but you decide you want another 4×4 and 4×2, no matter the space crunch
  6. One of the reasons you add someone as a friend on FB is their profile picture shows them near an expedit (well if they are that cool, they can be a friend)

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I’ve been quietly chipping away at the studio, in addition to collecting magnets as part of outskirts – nothing like home decoration on the cheap!

So I am slowly, but surely turning this:

it's like all my creative pursuits exploded over the one room

it's like all my creative pursuits exploded over the one room

Into a room that I can a) get into; b) paint and create stuff in and c) store drunken house guests in need of a sleep over.

As you can see, at the moment I can’t even get into the room to do a) and b) and c) could result in some injured friends (on the plus side, if they are drunk enough then they are unlikely to feel their injury let alone remember it…)

The start of the process was to scooch into the limited real estate behind the expedit and paint the skirtings.

Given the small space left behind the expedit, that part of the experience was a little bit The Great Escape-ish only without the prison camp guards, scoops of dirt, disguised entrance and the other POWs:

Ok - where's my steve mcqueen?

Ok - where's my steve mcqueen?

Once the skirtings were dry,  DIY Dad had to help me move the expedit back to the wall:

Still no steve mcqueen...what could possibly be keeping him?

Still no steve mcqueen...what could possibly be keeping him?

So that I could then put all my unfinished canvases against the wall and rearrange the rest of the room so that I could get to the skirtings on the other side of the room:

Unfinished canvas classification system being developed

Unfinished canvas classification system being developed

It turns out I have alot of unfinished canvases atm:

Maybe steve is behind the canvases?

Maybe steve is behind the canvases?

DIY Dad is currently over my house taking the handle off the door of the studio-slash-guest room so that I can paint the other side of the room.

Once that is done, I can set up the studio and then move onto sorting out the office:

All it needs is a little organisation and alot of storage

All it needs is a little organisation and alot of storage

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This weekend we moved alot of the bits and bobs from where I am living now to chez moi – including the aforementioned buffet, chaise lounge and falcon chair (and matching footstool, don’t forget the matching footstool).

There were also a couple of easels, office chair, office stool, drawing board, boxes of paints and the 5 x 5 expedit that was in my bedroom.

As everyone knows, putting together ikea furniture is fraught with risk and moving ikea furniture is also risky, but the most risky venture of them all is to take apart ikea furniture (to make it managable when moving) and put it back together once moved…this time without the instructions and/or the nifty little allen keys and tools as they have both been lost in the intervening years.

Luckily last weekend’s expedit blitz prepared us and DIY Dad’s skills once again prevailed, with the white expedit now housed in the 3rd bedroom (which is rapidly becoming the studio):

Categorised by creative pursuit and/or paint type...

Categorised by creative pursuit and/or paint type…

It’s sitting a little out from the wall at the moment (about 50cm),  so everything is a little cramped at the moment but this means I can easily paint the skirtings behind it.

By golly it’s handy, the only things it can’t fit are the brushes:

Boxes unloaded, shelves loaded

Boxes unloaded, shelves loaded

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Weekend Expedit-ion

This weekend was down for moving my belongings  from their two locations (DIY Dad’s and where I currently live), which was also going to involve picking up some storage furniture as many of my belongings have been sitting in boxes and/or on someone else’s shelving.

So Friday night involved packing and moving oodles and oodles of boxes of books with the Coffee Fairy followed by yummo dinner and champagne – how removalist-ing should be done (if she is the coffee fairy, I am the champagne fairy).

While the first part of Saturday comprised of an expedit-ion to ikea with DIY Dad.

Our mission was to avoid running into couples and small children with our trolley and pick up expedit shelving to house all the oodles and oodles of books delivered by the removalista’s the night before.

Oh – and get some chairs for the dining table…and some stools to use as bedside tables until I can afford those I really really want (which are 1k each and therefore further down on my list of priorities, i.e. after I purchase things like wardrobes, desks, a microwave, a fridge, rugs and food).

The expedit-ion went well  with 2 x 4×4 and 2 x 2×4 being purchased in the right colour.

The putting together of them also went surprisingly smoothly. I was in charge of the instructions (that always helps) and preparations (putting the little bits of dowel into the shelves and aligning the shelves), while DIY Dad was in charge of the banging, the putting together and other logistics – so we played to our strengths.

DIY Dad finessing the shelves on the wall

DIY Dad finessing the shelves on the wall

I was inspired by some examples I saw on apartment therapy: monolithic and smaller stack; to stack the 2×4 expedits on top of the 4×4 expedits…thereby creating for myself a set of book shelves almost to the ceiling.

Naturally the execution of the radical plan involved DIY Dad’s mad skillz.

We discovered we needed to find a something something that could be used to bolt the lower set of shelving to the walls to the walls as it seems the living room has a slight slope on it:

Got to love shelving cross braces and DIY Dad's lateral thinking skillz

Got to love shelving cross braces and DIY Dad's lateral thinking skillz

Luckily DIY Dad did not run into any of the drill-bit killa bricks we found in the laundry, otherwise there would have been a whole new set of difficulties added to the process.

The beginnings

The beginnings

While DIY dad was sorting out the shelving, I was washing the washing machine (it had been stored outside and so was diiiiiiirty), weeding the garden and organising my glassware in my buffet.

Finally, he let me loose on the shelves:

Mad cataloguing frenzy

Mad cataloguing frenzy

Which of course meant me exploring all my unlabelled boxes to find my books and put them in the right sections (as defined by me).

But…finally…it was done:

Yowsers, I has alot of books.

Yowsers, I has alot of books.

Well…almost done, as I have many books still at Dads plus technical books and recipe books which didn’t quite make it onto the shelves.

Some will be housed in the study (after another expedit-ion):



but some will need to be housed in the living areas, rather than hidden behind the buffet for now:

I's closing my eyes, so youse can't sees me.

I's closing my eyes, so youse can't sees me.

So, although I am not actually moved into the house yet, some of the fundamentals are starting together after alot of work:

Evidence of work

Evidence of work

Now I can put all the boxes into my car and taken them to my house to pack another load of things. Yippee?

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