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This weekend we moved alot of the bits and bobs from where I am living now to chez moi – including the aforementioned buffet, chaise lounge and falcon chair (and matching footstool, don’t forget the matching footstool).

There were also a couple of easels, office chair, office stool, drawing board, boxes of paints and the 5 x 5 expedit that was in my bedroom.

As everyone knows, putting together ikea furniture is fraught with risk and moving ikea furniture is also risky, but the most risky venture of them all is to take apart ikea furniture (to make it managable when moving) and put it back together once moved…this time without the instructions and/or the nifty little allen keys and tools as they have both been lost in the intervening years.

Luckily last weekend’s expedit blitz prepared us and DIY Dad’s skills once again prevailed, with the white expedit now housed in the 3rd bedroom (which is rapidly becoming the studio):

Categorised by creative pursuit and/or paint type...

Categorised by creative pursuit and/or paint type…

It’s sitting a little out from the wall at the moment (about 50cm),  so everything is a little cramped at the moment but this means I can easily paint the skirtings behind it.

By golly it’s handy, the only things it can’t fit are the brushes:

Boxes unloaded, shelves loaded

Boxes unloaded, shelves loaded

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