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You know I’ve wanted a gallery hanging system in my house since 2012. Technically, I’ve wanted it since 2009 but I made it official by telling you that I wanted it in 2012. [I do like to workshop things before I commit in case they are passing fancy (cough…peacock blue coloured hallway), or I find a more practical/economical/suitable solution (cough…felt storage boxes as inserts for my expedits instead of costly expensive milk crate decalled plywood boxes shipped from Europe)].

And now, in 2019, I’ve broken the seal and bought the first set of lengths of the system and begun populating my walls with gallery hanging system and then artworks hanging from the aforesaid system. First room off the rank, is the hallway where I’ve finally hung two massive Miik Green paintings. Miik is a contemporary Western Australian artist (and friend) who does both paintings and sculptures, very amazing!

Looking down the gallery Miik Greens into the living room

Miik’s paintings draw from cell-staining techniques and biological pigmentation, where colour can define abnormalities or infection. He injects, drags and extracts liquid materials, pigments and chemicals, and the paintings evolve and develop as the materials and mediums used interact with each other.

I’m a fancy art owner now. Like a grown up.

Miik finishes his paintings with a hardened, highly reflective skin so any photograph of his paintings is also a photograph of reflections. Super amazing.

I’m quite enjoying seeing parts of my house reflected back at me, although it has made it challenging to take pics of only the works, especially given their placement in my hallway means I’ll always take the pic on an angle.

Much reflection, many book. Such artwork.

Just glorious. SUPER massive props to DIY Dad who did the drilling and fixing of the points into the wall so we could fasten the rail to it.

DIY Dad’s efforts were not without challenges: we went through 3 drill bits thanks to the occasionally super hard bricks in my house; and 3 different sizes of wall plugs thanks to the occasionally super soft bricks in my house; and had to discuss our different appreciations of levels (DIY Dad = use a level, DIY Daughter: follow the cornice so it looks good, I can level the paintings.)

Reflection of a bekvan stool in a Miik Green.

3 drill bits, 3 sizes of wall plugs, 1 trip to bunnings, 1 trip to DIY Dad’s house to collect a couple of important things he’d forgotten, a brief stop for Yum Cha et voila!

The hallway is not completely done: there’s another section where I can put the hanging system but that’s not as urgent as getting Miik’s beautiful works on the wall. So 75% of the work is done, but there’s 25% to do when budget and DIY Dad time permits me to continue the progress in the hallway.

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Front door, now with security screens on it

Another big ticket item that’s lead to a hardly noticeable change to my house, has been installing security screen doors to my front and back doors.

Prior to painting the windows and doors, there were old wooden screen doors on the front and back. But they were falling apart and weren’t secure, so I didn’t replace them when I painted the outsides of the doors summer before last.

Before shot: post-painting but pre-screen doors

I need screens both for security and also to keep flies and other insects out, especially the back door which I like to leave open when I am hope. It cools the house, but I really don’t enjoy the amount of flies and other insect visitors I was getting through it (This summer I had to wrangle about 15 lost bees out of my laundry because they flew in through the door, but were trying to get out through the closed window right next to it).

Before shot: post-painting but pre-screen door and window

It can get quite hot in summer, so having the option to securely leave the back door open while I am sleeping will make a noticeable difference to the temperature of the house during the super hot summers we get in Perth.

I got screens for both the window and the door in the laundry: since the initial quote, the price has come down by a couple of hundred dollars which was a bonus!

What’s behind the screened door?

So I can even leave the window open slightly, should I not want to leave the door open. That’s an added bonus! Plus now there’s also the option to securely leave the front door open too win-win!

Laundry door and window screens, looking good!


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A very mid-century vignette

So it hasn’t been all pruning, guttering, sorting and clearing on my hols, I have taken some time to do some “pretty” things too. I finally found a couple of Alocasia plants (classic mid-century indoor plants that have had a bit of a revival) as well as a split leaf Philodendron (or as we call them: Monstera Deliciosa) plus I layered some String of Pearls plant that The Coffee Fairy gave me several years ago and repotted my Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily) into indoor pots and bought a different variety Spathiphyllum to mix it up.

So now I have a couple of indoor vignettes that are making me happy, like the Alocasia on my bedside table (the Phaelonopsis Orchid stopped blossoming as it’s winter and has been relocated, as you will see):


Sexy bedside table…

The pebbles to the right of the Alocasia were gathered on the beach of Port Lligat in Spain (where Salvador Dali lived most of his life), those on the left were from other holidays during the years: Queensland, Brighton Beach (UK)…

I played around taking pics of the String of Pearls plant, vessel, shell (have had that for about 30 years) and Great Aunt Eileen’s Ginger Jar on the window sill:


Whited out.


Less saturated with light

The Phaelonopsis Orchid is hanging next to the fireplace with the Monstera Deliciosa:


Very Retro

The stones in front of the plants were picked up off the beach at Figueres, in Spain. They are actually bricks that have been worn down by the sea: tumbled around and worn away by the waves and the tides, and beautiful because of that.

Over in the dining alcove, there’s another String of Pearls plant and one of the repotted Peace Lilies:


Just hanging out…

They balance out the ceramic white apples I found on sale (still on the white ceramics kick):



And there’s another Alocasia by the door, it’s hanging with the brass statue two of my besties bought me back from Bali (I haven’t mentioned them before, we’ll call them The Writer and the Jedi Knight), and the fancy turquoise mosquito coil holder I bought over summer:


Not one but TWO Alocasia in da house…so happy right now.

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My walls are in a bit of a catch-22 at the moment.

Technically, my walls are not in any catch-22 since they are firstly inanimate objects and secondly they are walls and they support things (roofs, plaster, pictures etc), so remaining standing and supporting things are pretty much all they need to do; I am in the catch-22 because of my plans for my walls.

For those of you who don’t know:

A catch22 is a paradoxical situation in which an individual cannot avoid a problem because of contradictory constraints or rules. Often these situations are such that solving one part of a problem only creates another problem, which ultimately leads back to the original problem. Catch-22s often result from rules, regulations, or procedures that an individual is subject to but has no control over. (Thank you wikipedia)

Because I paint quite large canvases and want to be able to switch in and out canvases from rooms (it’s easier than moving the furniture around when you want a change, and it doesn’t scratch the floors so much…and now that I am in my own house, I do worry about these things), I decided I wouldn’t put any pictures, paintings or photographs on my walls until I had installed a gallery hanging system.

Gallery hanging systems are ideal for what I want to do, as they are basically a concealed track where you can slip hooks in or out as required, sort of like the modern, more subtle equivalent of picture rails you see in federation houses.


Why don’t I just install picture rails? Nice as they are, they are quite instrusive to the design of the room. They become a feature element, while I want something that doesn’t draw attention to itself or detract from the artwork, walls and cornices. Plus my house is a very different style to houses which could have feature rails and my ceilings aren’t tall enough to make them look anything but a slightly self-concious and unnecessary addendum. And I absolutely loathe it when people try to traditional-ify a modern era house (reproduction federation houses and villas so prevalent in the 80s and 80s are the devil).

Back on track

So, I decided on a gallery hanging system – the wall locator FX Hanging System in silver, to sit right below my cornices in the lounge room, bedroom, hallway, office and studio:

Hanging around

I could paint the system so it is even less obtrusive but I like the idea of an industrial silver band immediately below my cornices.

At a rough estimate, I  will need about 10 x of the 3m straps and 4 x of the 2m straps; plus hooks. So ~ $500.00 plus all the hooks I need. On the positive side, I don’t need to buy it all at once, I can purchase it room by room (or wall by wall); but until I do my paintings are sitting on the floor, propped against the walls.

This isn’t great for the paintings, they may get scuffed and can fall over; so it also means that I won’t finish and varnish any of them until I can hang them as I will have to do minor repairs on them. Hence the catch-22, because it would be nice to varnish and finish some of my work and say “Done, never touching it again”.

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A peaceful corner

I was given a beautiful present by two of my booooos. It’s a lovely brass bhuddist statue and they bought with them all the way back from Bali. If that statue could talk, it would have some tales to tell, methinks.

In the meantime, it is hanging with the peace lily and giving my hallway a certain je ne sais calme:

Peacefulness only lasts so long, but it sure is nice while it lasts

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I’ve managed to tick another thing to do off my list of things to do. Or should I say, off one of my lists of things to do? Because there are many. And they change. And multiply. And get longer. My things to do lists are more prolific than the breadth of lists created by John Cusack in Hi Fidelity.

I managed to get not one, but two peace lilies to fill the planter in my hallway – the one that has been screaming “Peace Lily” at my shoes every time I walk out the door:

The ravening planter beast is satiated for now...

Finally, the herb planter I had to have when I moved in has come in handy by containing something that loves and flourishes in the dim, grey comfort that is casa moi (other than my feline overlords and shoe collection, that is).

The herbs I attempted to grow in the planter had…limited….success when I perched it on the the dining alcove window indoors.  And, although it would get more light, I couldn’t have it on the kitchen window sill as it was just too messy and a little bit of my aesthetic soul got eaten away every time I did the washing up and had to look at the window sill (the sink being immediately below it).

(You’ll be pleased to know I managed to rehouse the herbs in the laundry trough out the back, where they are flourishing and the sight of them does not eat any part of my aesthetic soul away and they have contributed on numerous occasions to dinner. All of which is great news.)

Known as the supermodel of the indoor plant scene, Peace Lily was used to unwanted plantarazzi attention

I was briefly tempted by a pink/green variation of the peace lily, but in the end decided that was too much commitment to a specific (girly) colour. Given, I’ll be switching paintings in and out of the hallway I really need something plain, pure and neutral. And to me, green and white is neutral.

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