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Want? Royal Master Sealight

How do I love thee, let me turn a lamp on so I can see my fingers to count the ways...

I love this Royal Master Sealight lamp but it is sadly a love of Capulet and Montague proportions. It is from Mars, I am stuck on Venus.

I am occasionally tempted by Hitchcock, but for the most part my unrequited adoration doesn’t waiver from the R.M.S. At $1525 USD, sadly this is a love that will always be…unrequited.

You can find restored original theatre lamps on ebay, however they are mostly based in the UK and the lighting may need amendment. (I would share the seller with you, but sadly I cannot find the bookmark :\)

With shipping + the cost of the lamp, these beauteous pieces of hardware are still somewhat costly.

Worth it. But costly.

I am currently ameliorating the unrequited <3s with thoughts of a nice mid century arc lamp. Or suitable replica.

However, if I can’t shake that film light feeling…

Will consider settling for…

Darlin leave a light on for me, I'll be there before you close the door to...read a book in light that doesn't ruin my eyesight

At 1/10 of the price of the R.M.S. this recollections lamp is worth considering…

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Want? Postcard that turns into a garden

It’s a postcard, it’s a garden. It’s a postcarden.

Wish you were here?

I already have an indoor planter that I don’t use (I tried herbs in it but found the house was too dark). I have relocated my current ununsed indoor garden to beside the front door, because that’s where it will go and because it will remind me I need to buy a peace lily for it.

It silently calls out “peace lily, peace lily” at my shoes whenever I walk out the door. For a silent call from an inanimate object, it’s actually quite loud.

So I don’t need another indoor planter, but I want it.

It’s probably a good thing I don’t win lotto, because otherwise my house would be filled to the brim with shtuff that I don’t actually need but which seemed like an incredibly good idea at the time.

On the plus side, winning lotto might actually mean I could have my spiral wine cellar. The downside is that I would be using the spiral wine cellar to store rugs and planters and postcardens and…other stuff that was really important to own at the time and which I may use again so can’t bear to throw away.

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Want? Union Jack

This is just the bomb

Vivienne Westwoods destroyed Union Jack rug for the Rug Company. It’s beautiful, so very beautiful.

What is not to ❤

Will likely have to settle for…

Laura Ashley’s Britannia cushion in “fresh tones of duck egg and eau de nil”

Still pretty, not quite as hefty on the wallet

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Well shagged

As a reward for my recent industriousness, I decided to treat myself to an item on my not-so-little list of things to buy, a grey shag rug:

Fancy a shag?

Although it will be making my lounge look shagalicious for now,  I want this rug to (eventually) have in my bedroom. I have dreams of getting out of a bed framed by mirrored bedside tables (totally hollywood regency) and putting my feet into my pale pink high heeled marabou slippers while resting them on the poly-shag wonderment that is this rug.

This rug will bring it’s shagability to the bedroom when I eventually get a wool rug in sisal weave and some sort of natural looking colour for the lounge.

[And when I say “some sort of natural colour” I am not thinking “grey”, which is a change.]

This shagadelic rug is the perfect foil to two grey floor cushions which I may have ‘accidentally’ purchased on Friday while getting a doily for our afterwork drinks (don’t ask me why after work drinks + nibbles require a doily as it was not my idea; however the doily turned into a funky table cloth instead, which is so much cooler…and that was my idea):

Terrible twosome

I need them for games nights as playing uno on floorboards with no cushions was not terribly comfortable. Plus they were the last two grey ones…I couldn’t leave them there, could I?

The Amazant Monsieur H spared part of his Saturday with Miss K to pop over, pop up to the shops, pop the rug on his shoulder and pop back to my house to unfurl its wonder and I have to say it looks freakin’ awesome:

Totally shagalicious

The Falcon chair and footstool look particularly fine on it and I’ve moved Great Aunt Eileen’s chaise lounge into my bedroom for now to give more of a sense of space…plus living with two floral items in one room was killing me, I tell you.

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Pretty in Pinkmas 2009

When you are single, you can come home any time that you want, wear any length of dress that you want, buy as many pairs of shoes as you want…and have your Christmas tree in any colour you want.

What’s a single girl to do for her first Christmas in her new house? Have a pink Christmas tree, of course!

Where is my Andrew McCarthy?

Where is my Andrew McCarthy?

This decorating effort is also to partially to satisfy a workmate who is stuck in an office with boys men and so had to tone down her pretty in pink festivities just the littlest.

I, on the other hand, can go as pastel pink as I want to. So there are pale pink glitter baubles, pearly hot pink baubles, facetted shiny pink baubles…and a couple of silver decorations to provide contrast:

Prettiest in pink

Here’s hoping your Christmas is as in the pink as mine is 😉

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shoes an ornament free house.

All my life I have lived with the blessing curse of being “she who is given ornaments”.

It may sound like a miniscule thing and obviously, it’s nice to be given something rather than nothing at all…but there is a point at which one has to say…enough is enough, particularly:

  • when one is also cursed with a paucity of storage space and an over-abundance of style and a lack of places to put things…
  • After decades years of moving collections around, packing them, storing them, dusting them, polishing them and agonising over where they would go…
  • Given my preference to re-use, recycle and purchase responsibly (and by responsibly I don’t just mean in terms of my homeowners lack of budget) and sustainably…
  • Given my current lack of items I actually need, as well as items I would like to have…and as opposed to ornaments or tokens others think I might need or want or should have.

So enough is most definitely enough, from now on there are house rules:

  • No more ornaments, unless I choose them
  • No purchasing of unneccessary items (NB – shoes are not unneccessary)
  • Items should meet a specific requirement(s)
  • Items can be decorative/design-oriented while still being practical
  • Items can be things I want, but would not buy straight away
  • Items do not have to be expensive

What I have done, to aid those of you who have expressed a wish to purchase an item to grace my domain, is list things below that I either do need, or do want and will be buying as soon as funds are available.

There is a whole range of things – from cheap packets of seeds through to big items.

Don’t be scared of the big items, they are only on there because this list is going to also be a record of what I need to purchase too…(meaning I am the one who should be scared, not you ;P)

Where I am trying to indicate a specific type of thing, I have included a link…so you know exactly what sort of terracotta pot I mean – it doesn’t mean you have to purchase it, nor purchase it from where I am linking to – it’s a guide to the appearance of the item or the brand…

Kitchen things:

  • corkscrew
  • trivet (its a thing you put hot pots on so you don’t leave hot pot marks on your nice bamboo cutting boards)
  • a mini whisk (so’s I can whisk things in little pots)
  • a meat tenderiser (one of those hammer things so I can hammer dead meat…it sounds disgusting, but it makes great schnitzels)
  • a knife sharpener that suits a variety of knives (sushi just aint the same without a sharp nice…altho I think I have invented a new style of sushi that I like to call “Squashi”)
  • 1 x ikea trygg serving bowl (yes I know ikea can be tvattas about sustainability, but they are cheap…which is no excuse but it’s the only one I can offer)
  • Gin and Titonic Ice Cube Tray
  • cake tin (one of the round ones that comes apart)
  • a shallow baking tray (about a3 sized – pick the designer, not the cook ;P)
  • a cooling rack
  • a proper italian pasta maker/machine

Bedroom things

Garden things:

  • Bay tree
  • Seeds: Parsley (the wrinkled one), cat grass (dactylis glometra), chives (normal and garlic), loose leaf lettuce, leek, rhubarb, soya bean, bush tomatoes, shallot, dichondra
  • Bulbs: hyacinth (blue), grape hyacinth (blue), dutch iris (professor)
  • Rosemary (blue)
  • Australian native violets
  • Native wisteria (Purple)
  • Seedlings – Coriander, Basil, lemon thyme
  • Liriope (Royal Purple)
  • Wild iris – dietes grandiflora
  • Terracotta Pots – 25cm diameter – x 4
  • Terracotta Round Bowls – Size 3 – x 2

Outdoor things:

  • Domayne Crown doormat (front door) – given the doormat is her majesty’s preferred location when surveying her domain, the crown one is the most appropriate
  • White Solar Powered Shoji Lanterns – Bunnings have them cheap
  • BBQ implements

Pretty things:

Other things

  • ikea benjamin stool x 2 (not made anymore :\)
  • ikea bekvan step stool (x1)
  • expedit 4×4 and 2×4 – black-brown – 3 each 1 x 2×4 – black-brown
  • Floor Lamp – arc, chrome shade
  • Table lamp – Newport x 2 (Discontinued)

That’s all I can think of for now, I will add to this as I go along – so ultimately this list will also show you my progress to things I want to achieve, where  I have been given things  as gifts or purchased them myself, I will cross things out.

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Now that I have been in the house for what seems like forever but is actually only about 6 weeks, the honeymoon is over and the reality has set in.

Along the way there have been some fun moments of realisation – like when I decided to bake a banana cake from scratch to use up some over-ripe bananas and also cater to visitors for a high tea.

I mashed the bananas, followed the recipe, mixed the ingredients only to hit a slight hurdle when preparing to grease the tin…the cake tin I intended to use was 25 minutes up the freeway in my old house, d’oh.

Rather than driving up the freeway, absconding with the tin and returning home to bake my cake, I recall I had purchased some teensy novelty tins which I was pretty sure I had packed.

Sure enough, they turned up at the back of the cupboards and my only important choice was love heart shaped mini cakes or star shaped mini cakes. Et voila:

Icing sugar can make anything look gourmet

Icing sugar can make anything look gourmet

The other stress was how to support the rapidly growing pea plants – my fiscal priorities don’t yet stretch to the supports I want as there are other things to deal with.

Luckily in my travels I found a blogger who had used parts of an old clothes airer to support their veggies. Inspired? Yes. Copyable? Absolutely:

Peaceful now the problem is solved!

Peaceful now the problem is solved!

Now all I need is a cheap, stylish solve for the CD storage crisis…which has been brought about by me opening boxes containing my CDs (in search of a section of my collection that I still haven’t found) only to find a small posse of flying ants within one of the boxes.

Who knew flying ants liked The Knife, Ladytron, Air, Moby and similar? I really picked them more for 80’s new romantics fans (adam and the ants, baaadoom…bad joke!)

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Storage dreams

I can’t believe how caught up on home furniture and storage at the moment – admittedly I do have a box problem, but seriously!!!!!

…although I may have an excuse as I think I may be developing an allergy to carboad boxes.

Maybe not an actual “makes me sneezy” and/or a “cart me off to emergency” and/or a “where is my epi-pen” allergy, but definitely a visual / design allergy to them.

It is a very selective allergy as I can sleep in my wardrobe and I can happily get my clothes out of boxes but I must must must do something about the piles of chaos in the living room and the office-slash-study.

While on the topic of office-slash-studies, calling it an office-slash-study at the moment is a bit of a laugh given my actual office is still at my old house (hellooooo internet connection) and I can barely get in the doorway of it’s future locale:

Call that Mount Boxerest, call me Sherpa Tach

Call that Mount Boxerest, call me Sherpa Tach

Somewhere in there is my bill organiser with some unpaid bills too…bugger.

I really cannot wait to get more bookcases. I have banned myself from looking at furniture sites and Howards Storage World is a definite no-no because the encourage me to  start day-dreaming about the day when everything has it’s place and there is a place for everything…that is not in a  cardboard box.

My pipe dreams have taken me so far down the path of even making the major decision on what small storage would be suit my future storage layout – yes I am counting my small storage before my bookcases have hatched been purchased. Things are that bad.

It took a while to come to the major decision of small storage (you and I know there is no question about larger storage – expedit all the way baby).

I did toy with the idea of some grey fabric covered boxes from Myer but then I saw online plywood boxes stenciled to look like….milkcrates:

What is not to love...as long as they stay away from the cushions.

How could I resist?

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While I have been oblivious to everything that is not in asmara grey, violet stone, ceiling white or a cardboard box; it appears that a romance has been developing under my very nose:

Do you decorate here often?

Do you decorate here often?

While I stripped masking tape, moved boxes, vacuumed and mopped; Milkcrate took a break from his gargantuum efforts to get to know the locals:

Did I mention I'm an Aries?

Did I mention I'm an Aries?

Maybe it was spring in the air, maybe it was euphoria at almost being finished or maybe it was just the paint fumes, but when I turned around again, these two lovebirds had taken it to the next base (or two):

Apparently Cushion believes in making the first move...

Apparently Cushion believes in making the first move...

Which was fine until I went to get a glass of water in the middle of the night and saw this out of the corner of my eye:

I can't be seeing what I think I am seeing, surely I must be mistaken...right?

I can't be seeing what I think I am seeing, surely I must be mistaken...right?

Which turned into this when I put the hallway light on:

Milkcrate, when i said I wanted a guest over to christen the guest room...that wasn't quite what I meant.

Milkcrate, when i said I wanted a guest over to christen the guest room...that wasn't quite what I meant.

Not quite sure how the Amazant Monsieur H is going to take the news of this.

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Evil plans

Now that the interior is almost done (well – not done totally, but as whupped as my budget can whup it for now), it is time to start expanding the empire of DIY and decoration outwards…to the garden.

On that note, reputed Gardening Experts, Dr and Mrs Evil, visited on Saturday for coffee, cake, weeding and veggie garden planting.

Rain, green fingers (or lack thereof) and snails permitting, my front garden may become home to nigella (the plant, not the cook), garlic chives, normal chives, dill, zuchini, carrots, corn and something else that I have forgotten but which will surprise me in its own time.

Dr Evil also re-checked some random plants in my front garden and declared them sweet potato, so it appears I have been already growing a veggie garden without actually realising.

On Sunday I went to their house for lunch and came away with a mattock (and instructions as to how to use it), a pitchfork, violets, snowdrops (the whores of the bulb world according to the Coffee Fairy), lemongrass and the inspiration to plant.

Although totally unrelated to the outside of the house, here is a picture of some irises in my dining room because it was pretty:

Irises: lifting the tone of households everywhere.

Irises: lifting the tone of households everywhere.

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