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In porcelain

Totally digging the acid/citrus colours and the retro patterns, especially the trellis print (below).


In melamine

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Modern mid-century modern

These teapots and matching mugs are just awesome. The ones above are from a kitchen gift shop in Morley, the ones below (turquoise and magenta = squee) are from Spotlight.


Tea For Two or Two Teapots?

They are super cute.


Matching and yet not matching mugs. Swoon.

Leaning towards the first, but still loving the other.

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Now the proud owner of a sodastream

Amazing birthday present from Le Amazant Monsieur H 🙂


The inaugural soda stream: slightly warm creaming soda flavour.

When the lemons on my lemon tree ripen, I will start making home made cordials to “stream”. Plus I have a random idea that a sage, rosemary and cucumber “stream” would be quite awesome with gin…so we shall see what fun can be had 🙂

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I’ve been on hols for the last 3 weeks, so have been doing little things around my house including re-sealing my kitchen.

I first did this in 2010, however the section behind my sink was not perfect…and of course that is the bit that gets most of the water so I stripped the silicone out (again) and re-sealed with some new knowledge that I want to share.

This time I masked off the tiles and the counter so that I could really work the silicone into the join, without spreading it all over the counter top or tiles:

Who needs corner tape?

Who needs corner tape?

You can buy a product called corner tape to do this, it costs you about $15 and only has one use (to mask corners)…of course I bought the wrong sized one and didn’t realise it until I had opened the package and cut a bit off (making it non returnable). ARGH!!!

Instead of buying another $15 roll of tape that only has a single use…I decided to improvise with the existing masking tape I had and it worked a treat! So that’s my tip for today 🙂 Don’t spend $15 when you likely have masking tape on hand that you can use instead.

Using masking tape also means you can mask to the exact size of the gap you need, rather than the arbitrary gap provided by the corner tape.

Other things I did differently this time: I also bought a square edged plastic paint scraper so I could really work the silicone into the join so it should be better sealed than my first attempt. And, I bought a silicone and grout scraper which worked a treat when I need to get rid of the silicone from my 2010 attempt.

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For the last 6 weeks DIY Dad has been undertaking a little improvement on my kitchen ceiling. It was meant to be a quick, easy improvement that has turned into a bit of a mission and now is finally….FINALLY….over.

There was a plaster ceiling grill in my kitchen which was not 100% when I bought it and, which the electricians broke even further when the house was rewired and they attached a new light to it:

In the beginning, there was light in the kitchen...and it was good

Because the actual grill was broken, the light was quite precariously attached and there was the danger of the grill and the light breaking away and falling onto the floor…or onto my head if I happened to be in the kitchen at the time. Which would just be my luck.

So to prevent this eventuality, DIY Dad screwed a piece of plasterboard to the grill cornice and reattached the light thereby preventing my skull from possible light-fitting-shaped dents:

With plasterboard, without possibility of concussion for anyone entering the kitchen

And this was a dandy fix…until we noticed that the cornices that the plasterboard where coming away from the ceiling. So rather than jack up the cornices, strapping them and making sure everything was re-attached before I (finally) got around to painting the bit of plasterboard; DIY Dad decided to remove the grill and cornices all together.

I won’t lie, it has taken a while. I have had my father over at my house for an hour each day of the weekend for…ooo…the last 6 weeks. He has bolted, plastered, sanded, plastered, sanded, plastered, painted, sanded, plastered, sanded and finally painted to give me a kitchen ceiling sans grill.

Of course, for every round of sanding, I have had plaster dust to clean from pretty much every surface in my house….which has been a pain. After every visit, he would leave my house looking like a columbian drug factory had exploded inside it…vaccuuming at least twice in a weekend, every weekend for 6 weeks was cruel and unusual punishment.

My current issue with plaster dust aside, I am pretty lucky my DIY Dad is so good at these things and is available to do them for me. And the results were so worth it:

Pretty as a picture

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Behold the wonder of fresh pasta

Le Amazant Monsieur H and the Divine Miss K gifted me with a christmas present right off my list – a pasta maker!

I haven’t yet found the perfect pasta recipe – the one I followed (2 cups plain flour, 3 eggs, 1 tsp EVOO, 1 tsp water) turned out dough that was a little too dry, so I had to resuscitate with another egg and some more olive oil. Nice pasta, but I don’t recall the quantities of oil that I added, so no “learnings” to carry over. I do have half of the dough in the freezer (there is only so much pasta one can eat in a week), may make lasagna sheets or ravioli with that, who knows?

First attempt - I think this pasta cut might work on dough that's a slightly thicker setting

Learnings from the first batch of pasta: it is important to flour the pasta after you cut it, otherwise it will clump when you cook it or store it, leading to wodges of pasta that don’t come apart as cooked.

Future plans: I do want to get 00 flour which is featured in other recipes and see how that works out for me. And I am curious about the pasta produced by a wholemeal / plain flour mix…plus I think a small clothes airer would be a good investment, so I can make and dry my own pasta!

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It’s been horridly humid in Perthfordshire this week – even thinking causes one to sweat a bucketload. This has put a minor crimp on housie activities, since they also involve not only thinking but doing stuff.

Call me crazy, but I can deal with the hot burn of the Perth summer and I can do housie related things in the early morning or evening; but the moment there is a tiny bit of moisture in the summer air, I want to fold up like an overheated kitten and lie on a bathroom floor somewhere next to Sir Pouncealot, who has taken up summer residence on my bathroom tiles.

Today I didn’t do anything house related – I went to the Swan Valley with the DinkHu’s, who are over from Canberra. Before we went in on a quest for Mrs DinkHu’s Perfect Stick Wine, they gave me some lovely and belated birthday/ xmas presents. Both were cool, but I particularly wanted to share this housie-related one because it tickled me various shades of pink:


Bruce, Chow Yun and Jet...plus a few of their friends

That is right, Ninjabread Men. Awesome, huh? Perfect for the new home owner who rates Kill Bill 1 and Kill Bill 2 in her all time top 5 favourite movies!

Now to think about how to ice them…I am thinking they should be iced to look like The Bride when she is in her motorcycle outfit + helmet, naturally:


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