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For the last 6 weeks DIY Dad has been undertaking a little improvement on my kitchen ceiling. It was meant to be a quick, easy improvement that has turned into a bit of a mission and now is finally….FINALLY….over.

There was a plaster ceiling grill in my kitchen which was not 100% when I bought it and, which the electricians broke even further when the house was rewired and they attached a new light to it:

In the beginning, there was light in the kitchen...and it was good

Because the actual grill was broken, the light was quite precariously attached and there was the danger of the grill and the light breaking away and falling onto the floor…or onto my head if I happened to be in the kitchen at the time. Which would just be my luck.

So to prevent this eventuality, DIY Dad screwed a piece of plasterboard to the grill cornice and reattached the light thereby preventing my skull from possible light-fitting-shaped dents:

With plasterboard, without possibility of concussion for anyone entering the kitchen

And this was a dandy fix…until we noticed that the cornices that the plasterboard where coming away from the ceiling. So rather than jack up the cornices, strapping them and making sure everything was re-attached before I (finally) got around to painting the bit of plasterboard; DIY Dad decided to remove the grill and cornices all together.

I won’t lie, it has taken a while. I have had my father over at my house for an hour each day of the weekend for…ooo…the last 6 weeks. He has bolted, plastered, sanded, plastered, sanded, plastered, painted, sanded, plastered, sanded and finally painted to give me a kitchen ceiling sans grill.

Of course, for every round of sanding, I have had plaster dust to clean from pretty much every surface in my house….which has been a pain. After every visit, he would leave my house looking like a columbian drug factory had exploded inside it…vaccuuming at least twice in a weekend, every weekend for 6 weeks was cruel and unusual punishment.

My current issue with plaster dust aside, I am pretty lucky my DIY Dad is so good at these things and is available to do them for me. And the results were so worth it:

Pretty as a picture

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Want? Royal Master Sealight

How do I love thee, let me turn a lamp on so I can see my fingers to count the ways...

I love this Royal Master Sealight lamp but it is sadly a love of Capulet and Montague proportions. It is from Mars, I am stuck on Venus.

I am occasionally tempted by Hitchcock, but for the most part my unrequited adoration doesn’t waiver from the R.M.S. At $1525 USD, sadly this is a love that will always be…unrequited.

You can find restored original theatre lamps on ebay, however they are mostly based in the UK and the lighting may need amendment. (I would share the seller with you, but sadly I cannot find the bookmark :\)

With shipping + the cost of the lamp, these beauteous pieces of hardware are still somewhat costly.

Worth it. But costly.

I am currently ameliorating the unrequited <3s with thoughts of a nice mid century arc lamp. Or suitable replica.

However, if I can’t shake that film light feeling…

Will consider settling for…

Darlin leave a light on for me, I'll be there before you close the door to...read a book in light that doesn't ruin my eyesight

At 1/10 of the price of the R.M.S. this recollections lamp is worth considering…

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Let there be…lights

I am quite impressed with my new lighting – all the pain that is going to eventuate when the electricians invoice arrives is ameliorated by the wonder that is some stylish lighting.

That and some bulbs that are more that 40 watt. I think the previous inhabitants kept things dim so as to not reveal the horror, the horror.

Now lookie:

Surrealistic reflection on the new lighting situation

Surrealistic reflection on the new lighting situation

Note the artful arrangement of bottles and other DIY crap on the rad fireplace? And the masking tape on the windows? I chose to include them because they really elevate the tone of the interior…and they reflect the client’s personality (and budget).

Note to self – stop watching home reno shows. Now.

Table donated by Dr and Mrs Evil, care of JB...

Table donated by Dr and Mrs Evil, care of JB...

Soon I shall have a swinging late 50’s through to 70’s pad – fondue partays baby!

Priorities, sorted: I may not have a bottle opener, cutlery or a can opener, but I have beer and wine glasses a plenty.

Priorities, sorted: I may not have a bottle opener, cutlery or a can opener, but I have beer and wine glasses a plenty.

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