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The whole of the moon

Moon at night

Everyone needs a little bit of magic in their life. And the moon is a magical thing.

Portrait of a new moon

I’ve wanted a 3d printed moon lamp for a while, but the larger ones can be quite costly. There are kickstarters for authentic moon lamps (where the moon is 3D printed with geographic accuracy, and the larger sized ones go for a couple of hundred dollars…plus expensive shipping to Australia).

View of the moon

Serendipitously, I remembered my desire for a 3D printed moon lamp while I was ebaying for present ideas for the Amazant Monsieur H. Turns out you can also find 3D printed moon lamps, albeit at a smaller size and possibly not as geographically mapped, on ebay. And some offer free or cheap shipping!

Moon with a view

The lamps are made of cornstarch (yay not plastic), powered by LED and have 4 settings: full moon, new moon, dimmed moon and off. You charge them via a USB cable to your computer/phone charger, so there are no unsightly cables to clutter the view and – once fully charged – can apparently last for up to 30 hours.

Portrait of a full moon

It’s making my house magical and cheers me up no end. I’d still like to get a very large one to have in a corner of my bedroom, but for now I am quite happy with the little moon in the corner of my living room. I utterly love the new moon colour:

Moon in a room

You’ll be happy to know that AMH also enjoyed his moon lamp present (yes I did buy one for him too!).

I’ve managed to not reference any “moon” songs in this post so far, so I feel it’s only right to indulge myself with just one song.

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Do you notice anything missing in the photo above?

One of the other little changes I’ve made is to get some Powerline adapters so I can run my internet through the electric wiring in my house, rather than having additional cabling through my house. A much cheaper change than the other incremental improvements I’ve made recently, but such a difference.

Before this, I had a 15+m long RJ45 cable running from my modem to the other side of the house where my computer is. Although you can selectively ignore it, every time I vacuumed the vacuum cleaner would get caught up in it and often yank the modem out of the wall. Although I mostly photographed around it, you could see it in the background of many photos…

…or the foreground…

It photobombed many living room photos:

…on the left, just below the falcon chair

Like a horror movie villain, it was always lurking:

…it’s BEHIND you!

And it added visual noise and clutter:

During the great sewing adventures of 2016

One tiny change, and it’s so much more serene. I feel relaxed each time I walk into my living and dining room with that one tiny change:

Cable free

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The Falcon Awakens

After another furniture-related domino effect –  putting bedside drawers in my bedroom meant another review of chair to room allocations – the Millenium Falcon chair is in the living room again.
It’s nice to see it back again, after an enforced time out due to the front leg being broken. ~$600 (purchasing a new leg and shipping it to me) and several room reorganisations later, it’s nice to see it in pride of place in the living room again.

This time, the Falcon chair footstool is not out in the living room: having it in the room wasn’t practical with the sofa ottoman already in the room and a clear path for walking required. So the Falcon footstool is hanging out in the studio for the time being, and the footstool knitted by my sister (and lumpily stuffed by me) is hanging with the Falcon.

EEEEeeee: almost as exciting as this, for me:


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Monty has a new pot


Monty taking in some sun

Monty, the split-leaf philodendron, has a new and larger home thanks to get generosity of some of my workmates. They gave me a Bunnings voucher and a bottle of luxe champagne for my birthday last year.

[Yes: Monty (the plant) does have a name (I do name some of my plants, I also name my cars). He’s a Split-leaf philodendron (Monstera deliciosa) so of course he had to be called Monty (Technically it should have been Monsty, but that wasn’t resonant of a kitsch british crime novel, so Monty it is).]

Clearly the champagne had nothing to do with Monty’s larger home, but the Bunnings voucher certainly did 😉


Hanging out with Alocasia and String of Pearls

Monty has most recently been hanging in my bedroom, as there’s better light in there during summer. But with the ending of summer, and the larger pot: he gets to come out into the loungeroom again.


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Sofaing the couch problem



Since poor ole G-Plan was getting more and more in need of a restoration, 2015 became time to invest in a new sofa. One that wasn’t threadbare, wasn’t playing pincushion to cats and which had a seat slightly higher than ole G-Plan. (Don’t get me wrong, G-Plan is not gone from my life. He just had to move into the office and rest until I can restore him.)


Looking a little tired…

So 10 weeks ago I bit the bullet and started seriously looking for a new sofa. I checked out the one on my wishlist, a couple of other replica sofas, a beautiful one from Weber Furniture (just a little outside my budget) until I found one from At Home that was in my price range, the right height seat and in the 60s tufted “Knoll”ish style I love so much.


Facing the fireplace…but there’s no room for the falcon footstool.

I tried out a couple of orientations for the new sofa and ottoman, before I landed on what I liked.


In between a footstool and a stool, being inspected by a cat.

It’s now taking price of place next to my bookcase, with no table between it and the bookcase. If I have people over, I can move the ottoman closer to the bookcase and chuck a couple of pillows on it for it to become another seat (I customised my order asking for extra firm foam on the ottoman to enable this):


Still being inspected by the Quality Comptroller.

Meanwhile, moving G-Plan into the office meant another avalanche of furniture musical chairs: the falcon chair and footstool are now in my bedroom and the restored 60s chair formerly in my bedroom (along with a pouffe hand knitted by my sister) is now in the lounge.


Chair meet sofa, sofa meet chair.

Once in place, all it needed was the seal of approval from the two housemates:


Ottoman = approved.


Sofa = approved.

In some cases, additional approvals were required:


Under the sofa space = approved.

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A very mid-century vignette

So it hasn’t been all pruning, guttering, sorting and clearing on my hols, I have taken some time to do some “pretty” things too. I finally found a couple of Alocasia plants (classic mid-century indoor plants that have had a bit of a revival) as well as a split leaf Philodendron (or as we call them: Monstera Deliciosa) plus I layered some String of Pearls plant that The Coffee Fairy gave me several years ago and repotted my Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily) into indoor pots and bought a different variety Spathiphyllum to mix it up.

So now I have a couple of indoor vignettes that are making me happy, like the Alocasia on my bedside table (the Phaelonopsis Orchid stopped blossoming as it’s winter and has been relocated, as you will see):


Sexy bedside table…

The pebbles to the right of the Alocasia were gathered on the beach of Port Lligat in Spain (where Salvador Dali lived most of his life), those on the left were from other holidays during the years: Queensland, Brighton Beach (UK)…

I played around taking pics of the String of Pearls plant, vessel, shell (have had that for about 30 years) and Great Aunt Eileen’s Ginger Jar on the window sill:


Whited out.


Less saturated with light

The Phaelonopsis Orchid is hanging next to the fireplace with the Monstera Deliciosa:


Very Retro

The stones in front of the plants were picked up off the beach at Figueres, in Spain. They are actually bricks that have been worn down by the sea: tumbled around and worn away by the waves and the tides, and beautiful because of that.

Over in the dining alcove, there’s another String of Pearls plant and one of the repotted Peace Lilies:


Just hanging out…

They balance out the ceramic white apples I found on sale (still on the white ceramics kick):



And there’s another Alocasia by the door, it’s hanging with the brass statue two of my besties bought me back from Bali (I haven’t mentioned them before, we’ll call them The Writer and the Jedi Knight), and the fancy turquoise mosquito coil holder I bought over summer:


Not one but TWO Alocasia in da house…so happy right now.

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Same space, now with more DVD storage capacity

Now that the big holiday jobs are done, it’s time for the smaller stuff. And one of those tasks is finding a way to corral stuff that is potentially messy and also to more effectively use the space in each 33cm x 33cm Expedit shelf.

I didn’t really like the options on offer at Ikea, and after checking out what was on offer on the Howard’s Storage World, Bunnings, Masters, Target and Kmart websites, falling in love with several options on Etsy that were out of my pricepoint and also would not be available in my timeframe (I want them like…yesterday), I ended up on the Officeworks website where I found Felt N Store boxes.


Corralling papers and books for my sister in the studio

Made out of dark grey felt, within my budget range and in stock at the second Officeworks store I went to (used my first visit to get the staff to check stock). The Dark Grey Felt N Store boxes were a perfect solution, even though it did mean a hitherto unplanned trip to East Vic Park.


So fancy, and so cheap

Even though I couldn’t buy the storage boxes I wanted on Etsy (they were triple the price and would have taken 2 weeks plus shipping time from Germany to get to me), I have bought a Dark Grey Felt cat house from the same seller. It also sits within the Expedit, and it looks kind of cool.

Now that I have freed some space up on my Expedits in my office, studio and living room (thanks to the clean outs and the redistribution of storage), I can give some shelf space over to the other housemates:


Super cute cat house

I like cat furniture that doesn’t look twee or trite and that’s not obtrusive. So this is perfect:


Minimalist cat house…


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