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If you know me well, Dear Reader, you know I update this blog in fits and starts. That happens for a couple of reasons: I have to have time to edit photos, write blog posts…and that usually means holidays; and I also need time (and budget) to do things around my house, or cook, or…stuff, you know? I am on holidays now, so you are about to get a raft of obligatory catch up posts where I fill you in on what I’ve done, what I’ve discovered, what I’ve observed and…stuff, you know?

When I last left you in August, I’d cooked my Uncle (In Law) John’s amazing onion pudding successfully (since then I have cooked it slightly less successfully). Hot tip: don’t overcook it or it will turn into a crumbly but delicious mess. We did have a guest who was 30 minutes late, which didn’t help although she did have good reason for lateness and the pudding was still delicious, if slightly less aesthetically pleasing…so win-win?

Second from the front: a delicious crumbly mess…

Well I’ve been a busy little bee since then, but mostly on unrelated non-housie stuff. HOWEVER, I did get taught how to sew using a sewing machine (eternal thanks to the Garden Goddess), and with not one but two working sewing machines at my call, I spend much of September…sewing.

I sewed belt loops onto pants, mended skirts and dresses, turned dresses into skirts and…well. I did a lot.

I ALSO resuscitated a project I started in the 90s, where I hand-dyed a bunch of cotton with the aim of making a reversible quilt cover. The intent at the time was to make a patched quilt cover and pillows, like one of those hippie-quilts you could buy in those days (if you were even alive in those days) but much simpler and with less froufrou (e.g. no fucking tie-dye, no fucking prints of dolphins or fairies or peace symbols or whaf-fucking-ever. It was naff then, hasn’t come out of naff now. If you like that sort of tripe, I’m sorry you were offended but I am not sorry I wrote it. #rantover).

Segue #nuffsaid

Soooo, over 20 years on: I finished piecing together one side of the quilt with my newfound machine sewing skillz, but the other side requires more dye (I think I spent $100 of 90s money dyeing the one side, I shudder to think what it will cost to finish the other side in 20-teen prices…maybe a kidney?). Plus the desire to have it on my bed as a quilt cover and pillows has…somewhat abated. So now I am going to buy batting and a back cover and turn each side into a throw…eventually. You can’t rush these things, and I’ve only been working on this for about…two decades, so I’ll finish it when I goddamn finish it mmmkay.

The nineties are alive and living in patchouli scented Dianella


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No one told me being a home owner meant I would be stalked by a 10cm long grasshopper when watering my garden.

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The other Fog Index

On Saturday (yep: we’re now almost up-to-date), I got out in the garden in the early morning and weeded. I filled up my entire waste bin with weeds from my front garden.


Looking into the Rising Sun

It was very pretty.


Slightly different shot.

Her Majesty decided she wanted to get out in it (she is the project manager). You can see some of the weeds in the patio planters…


If I can’t see the rest of the world, is it really out there?

The dawning sun through the the mist, and through my front door was very pretty.


Just one more photo and THEN I’ll start weeding.

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Wants to halps…

I’m pretty much done on the massive holiday task list, the last couple of things on my list are to sort out my stash of works on paper (finished and to-be-finished), collage paper, blank art paper and posters I still want to keep and get some plywood magazine boxes from ikea to stash the interior design, cooking and fashion mags I still want to keep.

I picked up some A2 art folio envelopes at Officeworks at the same time I picked up the Felt N Store boxes. Then post-pruning, I sat down with my folios and sleeves of papers and started reviewing and sorting.

This is the sort of work I can do while watching TV, so I picked a suitable awesome TV show to watch while doing it:

Empire is actually quite awesome, it’s a very polished and slick show about a family dynasty in the USA, with a couple of cool tweaks: the family is African American, they are a hip hop dynasty, the mum (Cookie) just got out of prison after 17 years and she is a pistol. The dynamics and fun that’s had with some of the zingers in this show is awesome. I thoroughly recommend it, especially if you have a sorting task to do.

Mim was concerned by the mess (and the fact that my wine glass, which you can see up the back, is empty):


You can’t sort and watch Empire on an empty wine glass!

Before she decided her task was to flatten the folios:


See, she is helping…the folder is now a little flatter (on one side at least)

She probably thought there’d be extra cat biscuits in it for her if she helped:


First helping, then rewards

When the Ginger Menace got in on the action, he had to explore, inspect and curious (yes, it’s a verb now) every single item:


Curious is a verb now? I made a verb?

Yep, every.single.item. Sometimes several times over:


This is not normally here, it MUST be interesting

He also continued his hunt for Narnia. So far he has not found Narnia underneath the bed covers, behind cushions, in the wardrobe, in the washing machine, under his owner or on the third shelf of the linen cupboard:


Maybe Narnia is here…?

But he does keep checking everywhere for Narnia, just in case:


Of course you have to look inside the transparent plastic sleeve…

And then he decided to really help, by pulling out all the collage paper I had put into the art folder. Yep: he started undoing what I had just done. It’s a new game:


It may be fun, but this is not what I call “helping”

Many hands make light work, but many paws can make more work…

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My roof was…blue?

One thing I love about old houses is the little hints you get about the colours and decor used in the house previously. For example, I know the laundry area was likely a pale mint colour (you can still see it inside the cupboard under the laundry trough because no one bothered to paint the wall inside the cupboard).

Thanks to DIY Dad helping me clean my gutters (and by helping I mean cleaning my gutters and refusing to allow me to get up the ladder to do anything without supervision), I now know that the roof of my house was blue.


No one gets the ladder when DIY Dad is on site.

And not just a little blue, a lot blue. And not just any blue: a very bright sky blue.


Definitely blue.

You can see from the de-hipstamatised shot below, that it’s a pacific blue or a cerulean blue shade:


So much blue, so much wow

When I paint my roof, I plan for it to be a dark grey (by then I will have as many passive solar measures in place as I can to offset the stupidity of choosing a dark colour roof in Perth weather), but with my curiosity piqued, I did have a play in photoshop for what might have been:

Well it’s certainly very…blue.

It would definitely make it a lot easier giving directions to¬† my house: look out for the blue roof, you can’t miss it!

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things-shoppingPast me is always so thoughtful…and knows exactly what future me would want.

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Sampler: Some people can water their gardens without getting most of the water on themselves, others can't. I'm in the can't category

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