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A picture says a thousand words…

Let me OUT.

So here’s 1000 words for you:


And even more words, all very unimpressed:



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Who doesn’t think it natural to have a croquet set in their garage? Not the sort of people I care to associate with…

I’ve been meaning to clear out and reorganise my garage for about two/three years, but with all the other commitments I have had in that time, it was too difficult to find space and time to do so. And there’s always something more immediate and pressing you can do, rather than this grotty, dirty, time consuming task

I am on holiday for a fortnight, and I’ve been looking forward (as much as anyone can to such a task) to cleaning out and sorting what I had stored as well as taking the time to give away stuff I no longer needed, but which was still useful.

It’s taken me two days (probably about one day of straight labour, but who can do a job like this in a day?). I’ve had to buy a tool box (my first tool box) and re-home all my tools as well as reuse the lunch boxes the tools were originally stored in, to store other stuff.

At the start, it was a bit of a hodge-podge of furniture I want to do up, leaf litter (I get a lot of dead leaves blown into my garage thanks to the amazingly retro louvred garage door you can see at the top of the photo), gardening stuff, bricks and things that I no longer used or needed but which were still in good knick…oh and a G.I.A.N.T. bag of rooster booster (no home should be without it):


The morning of day one, why did I decide to do this on my holidays again?

I had to sort through and dush all the large items, wash the items I wanted to give away. Then sweep up about 6 buckets of leaf litter and plastic waste that has also blown in to my garage (thank you again, louvred garage doors):


Dispose of your plastic wisely people! I have cursed every single one of the people who dropped the plastic waste in this pile of leaves…the fleas of a thousand camels should infest their armpits shortly.

I also made some new friends (and then got slightly worried when I looked again and the new friends were not there…these are not the sort of friends you want to lose sight of):


Jim-bob and Josephine.

By the late morning of day one, I had sorted out most of the front part of the garage and given away many of the items I wanted to de-clutter:


It’s going to look even more spacious when I drop off the umbrella stand and person powered lawn mower to their new owners.

By the end of day one, most of the clutter at the back had been dealt with, with some of it being packed into crates overnight (it’s amazing what you can do if you put a show like The Following and get your sorting mojo on):


Starting to look like people can walk in here…

Finally, it’s all done:


Now I’m clean, as clean as I’ve been…

All sorted, shuffled, swept, crated where required and organised…

It took me two days, FYI: sorting out my wardrobe over the Christmas break actually took longer ๐Ÿ˜ฎ (but there were shoes to get me through that, with my garage there’s only the righteousness of having cleaned).

The last thing was for Captain Pouncealot to closely inspect the changes:


I think I can see….NARNIA!

For those of you worried about him coming across Jim-bob and Josephine (or any number of their close relatives) I actually did spray my garage to avoid him putting his nose into a faceful of redback. While I normally agree with live and let live…there’s only so much living and let living you can do with an inquisitive cat like this one:


Those tiles didn’t actually move, there is no need to inspect them.

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Although the daybed has to be moved back into the studio, the housemates are getting in some srs nap time while it’s in the living room.


Proving that occasionally, the housemates can share

While the daybed is out in the lounge, I don’t have to fight so hard for space on the sofa

Super cute when sleeping, super grumpy when woken

They are not normally this cooperative or sharing…

Some of us are still sleeping, some of us are trying to wake up

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Sir Flouncealot thinks you’re very interesting.

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on my housie progress, firstly I didn’t have much to say (I don’t tend to do a lot in the super hot months of January and February), then I got busy studying…now I’m on holidays and trying to catch up on the last 6 months of my life because pretty much everything went on hold while I studied.

One thing that did happen in my blogging downtime was my bed broke…and the new bed I purchased took about 3 months to arrive (it was supposed to take 1.5-2 months).

I can’t tell you that sleeping on a mattress on the floor was fun, it wasn’t. I did it for a prolonged period of time in my 20s, which isย  an acceptable age to undertake such activities. However sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a prolonged period of time in your 30s is just not cool. Getting up off the floor every morning = ARGH: so many pains, so much stiffness, so much feeling like a nanna.

To console myself at loss of bed and 6-8 week wait, I may have purchased a(nother) new Sheridan bedspread from Myer (on sale, 40%off, BARGAIN) in a beautiful blue paint drips and splotches pattern: very me.


The Ginger Menace inspects the new height distribution of the bed and the new bedspread (note the Rachel Khoo cookbook artfully placed on the bedspread? Not actually deliberate)

Interestingly, both myself and Le Amazant Monsieur H and The Divine Miss K own the same make of bed, purchased around the same time from the same store. Theirs broke about a week before mine did: clearly there was a time limit on this model.


Project Manager Menace undertakes QA testing of new bedspread

Luckily I had a heap of plastic crates filled with boots and handbags underneath the bed, so it didn’t fall very far and everyone escaped serious injury.

Note to all gentlemen: this is why the ladies have so many handbags and boots, which they store in crates underneath their beds: to prevent serious injury in case of bed breakage. Totally a preventive OH&S thing.


Project Manager Menace completes acceptance testing of new bedspread and bed at new height.

Finally my new bed arrived (minus the delivery fee because of the delay), after 11 weeks of waiting. It’s a pretty basic model: 4 stained pine legs with a base covered in black linen-look cloth. I plan to make a bed head at some point, but it will do as is for now. I also purchased a new mattress, so it’s all brand, brand new.


Back to sleeping at adult height, sans cats.

As for my old bed? It was sad to see it go, end of an era and all. But it’s going to live on elsewhere as I’m donating the frame and the slats to The Garden Goddess who wants to use them as climbing support for beans and to make totem poles out of the slats. When they are installed I will see if she will let me share a few pics of its new form in situ ๐Ÿ™‚


Bye Bye Beddy

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I went out last night to hang with 4 legged Molly and 4-legged Molly’s 2-legged Mum, not all the housemates were pleased with this.


I sense a disturbance in the force…


You’ve been seeing another 4-legged friend…


…and that 4-legged friend was a d.o.g. (feline side-eye is the most disapproving)


…we are no longer friends (until I want to be fed again)

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Watching you. Yes you.

Watching you. Yes you.

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