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…you can only consume so many of them in margaritas before someone says you have a problem. In which case it’s time to improvise.

My next attempt to deal with the great lemon surplus of 2011 was to make lemon curd. Helpfully I found a Burke’s Backyard recipe for it at the same time I researched sterilising jars/bottles in the oven.

Curd you pass me the toast?

Making lemon curd is not rocket science, people have been making it and selling it at fetes for generations.

Basically you need:

  • 500g sugar
  • 125g butter
  • 4 eggs
  • The zest and juice of 4 lemons

1) Beat eggs a little (According to Burkes Backyard: for a finer curd just use the yolks…but that does leave you with a lot of egg whites to deal with)

2) Put all ingredients into a saucepan and cook slowly until thick and smooth for about 15 minutes, whisking all the while to ensure you don’ t have lumps

According to Burkes Backyard you should not not use an aluminium or cast iron saucepan because the acid from the lemons will react with those metals. Instead use stainless steel, enamel or one with a non-stick surface. I think I had aluminium one and my curd turned out find, but if you’re one of those people who would pick herbs only after the dew has settled if someone tells you too, you go right ahead.

3) Pour into hot sterilised jars

Apparently the rule is if you make something that needs to be bottled when hot, you pour it into sterilised jars that are still warm; whereas if you are dealing with something cool (like lemon cordial) you wait until the jars/bottles are cool.

I am not sure if the reason is so you don’t shatter the glass, or you don’t introduce random bacteria or if doing it the other way around will start a chain reaction that causes the world to end; whatever way you look at it…it’s probably best you do what the experts say.

4) Cover when cold and store in the refrigerator, it will keep for months.

The first taste test

I want to try it on a jam and cream sponge in place of the jam. And there’s these destroyed lemon meringues in the latest volume of delicious that I reckon it could work for. It also goes well with tea and toast for a perfect late holiday morning breakfast:

Nice start to the day


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