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I went exploring Statewide Salvage on my Saturday early-afternoon. I was auspiciously pricing up louvred wardrobe doors (the sort they use on built ins in the 70’s and 80s) but also to have an explore of what’s on offer.

I found my doors and priced them up, now to return with DIY Dad for a reality check and to borrow his tape measure. I have a brilliant idea for the 3rd bedroom…

Enjoy the pics below, some beautiful bits of houses there just waiting to be adopted and reused:


Going (veranda) postal


A triangle of doors.


Filing doors


Wrong era, but I still want a m*therf*ckin t*rret on top of my house.


Let me get the door for you…


The forklifts were slacking off on Saturday, lazy little forkerlifts!


Small window, big view.


Diamond panes are a girl’s best friend


That’s finial!

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Progress has been made on the great Laundry Storage Crisis as well as the Too Small Fridge Front!

First up, I popped into Ikea and nabbed a Lerberg shelving system (hello crossing something off the New Year’s Houseolutions 2013 list). At the moment it’s doubling as my plastic bag storage zone, plus storing a heap of stuff I am in the middle of using for DIY or stuff that I can’t put out in the garage because it’s damp and leaks:


Shelving, rather than a indiscriminate pile of junk that made it difficult to mop and vacuum. YAY!

Once I have done something about the garage and/or finished some of the projects I have got going, the contents of the shelves will be more house-like, and less DIY-like. Either way, progress has been made and order is being restored to the Laundry!

The Ermagerd Lerberg purchase was brought about by an amazing bit of freecycling thanks to DIY Dad (runs in the family, clearly). DIY Dad was offered a bar fridge sized freezer which he took, then realised that he didn’t have much use for it. He offered it to me and I took it up, as the freezer in my small fridge is…somewhat constraining.

It’s now installed in the laundry, which meant a rejig of the layout and items on the racks above it…leading to the Lerberg purchase moving up on my list of things to do:


Laundry, with drying rack capabilities activated and freezer newly filled with discount roasts, dumplings and steam buns.

Speaking of rearranging things, I love that post-rearrangement Eureka moment that happens a couple of days/weeks down the track when you realise the rearrangement allows you to do something else completely rad!

In my case, when I first re-arranged the laundry, I had the garment steamer to the left of the door, sitting in front of the vacuum cleaner. So that side of the room looked a little bitsy and messy…plus I kept on knocking it when I walked passed with stuff in my arms. Then I remembered that the steamer has a telescoping pole, so there was nothing to stop me reducing the height of the pole and popping it on top of the bench space newly created by the bar fridge freezer – GENIUS!

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Storage dreams

I can’t believe how caught up on home furniture and storage at the moment – admittedly I do have a box problem, but seriously!!!!!

…although I may have an excuse as I think I may be developing an allergy to carboad boxes.

Maybe not an actual “makes me sneezy” and/or a “cart me off to emergency” and/or a “where is my epi-pen” allergy, but definitely a visual / design allergy to them.

It is a very selective allergy as I can sleep in my wardrobe and I can happily get my clothes out of boxes but I must must must do something about the piles of chaos in the living room and the office-slash-study.

While on the topic of office-slash-studies, calling it an office-slash-study at the moment is a bit of a laugh given my actual office is still at my old house (hellooooo internet connection) and I can barely get in the doorway of it’s future locale:

Call that Mount Boxerest, call me Sherpa Tach

Call that Mount Boxerest, call me Sherpa Tach

Somewhere in there is my bill organiser with some unpaid bills too…bugger.

I really cannot wait to get more bookcases. I have banned myself from looking at furniture sites and Howards Storage World is a definite no-no because the encourage me to  start day-dreaming about the day when everything has it’s place and there is a place for everything…that is not in a  cardboard box.

My pipe dreams have taken me so far down the path of even making the major decision on what small storage would be suit my future storage layout – yes I am counting my small storage before my bookcases have hatched been purchased. Things are that bad.

It took a while to come to the major decision of small storage (you and I know there is no question about larger storage – expedit all the way baby).

I did toy with the idea of some grey fabric covered boxes from Myer but then I saw online plywood boxes stenciled to look like….milkcrates:

What is not to love...as long as they stay away from the cushions.

How could I resist?

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